Club Reports: Aero Bar, The Vanguard

Saturday night in the city and beginning the night at Aero Bar.
DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) of Mannequins Dance Palace fame in the booth.
We were puzzled by the Top 40 he was playing rather than the usual Saturday night format of EDM and House music.
Turns out there was a Pub Crawl passing through here and downstairs at The Patio. The Dom would revert to House music as soon as the group moved-on to their next venue.
Always a fun time on the rooftop at Aero Bar.
Only had time for one drink though and then it was time to get back to The Vanguard for the second consecutive night!
Where we walked into this!
Opening set from DJ Daizy (USA).
As the night was sponsored by Factory 93, Daizy was delivering the expected Techno.
The dance floor was already pretty jammed at this still relatively early hour.
We ran into lots of peeps we know! Spotted upstairs: Ashley & Christa
Spotted by the bar: Joel & Kevin
Spotted along the walkway: Justin with his main squeeze.
Spotted at the VIP Bar: Tina & Christa
Spotted smoking on the dance floor: Dina
Spotted outside The Vanguard: Lewis, Lucky, Rose, (insert name) & Christa
And then around 12:40PM, there he was!
The headliner, DJ Maceo Plex (USA/E).
Born in Texas, he’s based in both Miami and Barcelona.
The cameras came out to film every moment.
It was much more crowded compared to Friday night here to see DJ Party Favor (USA).
While Maceo Plex did get into Techno later in his set, he opened with a lot of Vocal Tech House.
He drew quite a few cheers from his fans.
To those who wonder about these kinds of things, yes, The Vanguard does have a shiny disco ball above the dance floor.
We ran into lots of DJ’s around the club including DJ Freda Sol (USA) here with a friend.
Spotted upstairs: DJ Ms Chevious (USA) with Dance Vocalist Jett Jettina (USA).
Spotted upstairs: DJ Ed Abisada (USA) joined this bunch.
Spotted in VIP: Christa with DJ Daizy. Daizy opens for Nora en Pure (CH/ZA) this coming Friday night at Club Space in Miami.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Jerry “The Reverend” Johnson (USA) with Dana.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Dani Orieta (BOL/USA) flanked by Salome and Christa.
2AM arrived and no one was leaving!
Still packed to the rafters!
The lasers were flying.
Maceo Plex had played at Celine in 2019 and 2020 but this was our first time seeing him play!
Loved his 2021 remix of Faithless (GB) Techno/Tech House hit “Insomnia“. Doubtful today’s club kids have any idea of the history of this haunting 1995 classic but he had them bouncing to it last night!
What a great show and a good time was had by all.