Club Reports: Monkey Pub, Observation Lounge, Pilazzo Nightclub (MS Color Magic)

The cruise ferry ship MS Color Magic and sister ship MS Color Fantasy operate nightly service between Oslo, Norway and Kiel, Germany for Color Line, connecting Scandinavia with mainland Europe. If we’re traveling, OEN likes to cover local clubs as well as clubs on ships.
Color Magic is the world-largest cruise ferry ship. A cruise ferry differs from a traditional cruise ship in that it has several car decks conveying vehicles across the water. Otherwise, it’s very similar to a cruise ship you’re more familiar with. Along the ship’s promenade, The Monkey Pub offers an English-style pub atmosphere among shops and restaurants.
A “troubadour” was singing classic American pop songs to the gathered crowd.
At the top of the ship, the Observation Lounge was another music venue onboard.
A live band was playing a series of 60’s Pop tunes during our pass through during the early evening.
It definitely attracted the older crowd that would long be in bed by the time the ship’s main club opened.
Opening at 11PM, Palazzo Nightclub is the ship’s disco.
The Middle Ages-themed club is reminiscent of the clubs on Royal Caribbean‘s Voyager-Class ships.
In the booth we found DJ Chikoz (BG) leading the festivities.
Already a few on the dance floor when we arrived!
And it continued to get crowded with Top 40 hits like Lady Gaga (USA) “Poker Face”and Dua Lipa (GB/RKS) “Cold Cold Heart” as well as Classic Dance hits like Kylie Minogue (AUS) “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”.
The club did not have the requisite “shiny disco ball” but it did post one on the monitors from time-to-time!
Fun night on board! A good time was had by all.