Concert Report: Billy Joel (Camping World Stadium)

When we booked “nosebleed” for a mid-March concert, we knew there was a risk it could be cold during an outdoor concert. So here we were on a Saturday night at Camping World Stadium…..and it was COLD!
We joined other early arrivals in the stadium.
A few other hearty souls here in the nosebleed section of the stadium’s upper deck!
There was his piano!
And then promptly at 8:30PM, there he was!
The Piano Man himself, Billy Joel (USA).
In a stadium this size I doubt it was sold out but there had to be over 30,000 people here. He joked about the Florida weather and even slipped-on a toque of his own. He looks like he’s aged a bit but his voice was as “Billy Joel” as always.
But with temps in the upper 40’s and strong wind gusts in the upper deck, we only lasted around 8 songs and then had to get out the heck of there. I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all.