Club Reports: Elixir Bar, Barbarella, Jimmy Joslin Birthday Party @ Cahoots

Saturday night in the city and making the rounds on this final weekend before Christmas. Checking out Elixir Bar first.
DJ Julian M (USA) in the house…..playing House!
The bar was crowded.
But at this early hour the dance floor was not.
I thought he might be wearing an ugly Christmas sweater last night but it was a bit too warm!
You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, we’re going to be dropping by Independent Bar Barbarella. They’ve recently switched from using their main doors to opening from the sliding glass doors in the middle of the front room where their outdoor patio used to sit.
The mysterious DJ KC Cut (USA) was in the booth.
The Saturday night format of 80’s New Wave had the dance floor packed!
Because everybody loves the 80’s!
Located where Big Belly Brewery used to sit, Cahoots was the next and final stop.
Oh yeah, for Jimmy Joslin’s annual birthday party show!
Three DJ’s were providing the music in half-hour time slots.
Opening from DJ Evolv3 (USA).
There are two levels at Cahoots with the upper level home to the DJ booth and dance floor.
When we first arrived, everybody was down on the lower level which is where the bar is located.
The music theme of the night…..Breaks!
Spotted: KJ checking out dance floor action!
Spotted: DJ Rosk (USA) with Leona
Spotted: DJ Losman (USA) with Sandi Kathleen
Shift change!
DJ KJ (USA) of K5. His most-famous song was Passion. LINK
Dance floor activity began to pick up.
Breaks and Old Skool.
Lots of familiar faces in the club…..
Leona provided some face painting for the children…..
Happy Holidays!
Impressions of boobs and butt cheeks helped make a memorable birthday card for Jimmy. I mean, how many of these can he possibly already have!
Speaking of Jimmy, the legendary birthday boy himself was up next!
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA)
Going more Old Skool on us with classic Dance hits like The One…..
…..and Everyday.
Good crowd in the club enjoying the show!
With the dance floor staying active.
More DJ’s than you can shake a stick at!
A good time was had by…..all.