Club Reports: Ace Cafe, Discothéque @ Barbarella, Celine Nightclub, Elixir Bar

Sorry for the delay in getting last night’s article uploaded but I had an early flight to Chicago this morning. Friday night began at Ace Cafe where this year’s edition of the fundraising event ft. Mixtape (USA) was taking place.
And it was all about the 90’s last night with the live band that ended around 10PM but still this many people out dancing on the famous Ace Cafe lawn!
Of course we were here to see Jerry Johnson better known as DJ The Reverend (USA).
Normally when the headlining band ends for the night, people scatter. But a large contingent hung-out longer!
The boy:girl ratio was heavily in favor of the girls!
The Reverend closed out the night with 90’s classics such as Snap! (D) hit “Rhythm Is A Dancer” & MC Hammer (USA) hit “Can’t Touch This”.
Spotted in the tech booth: DJ Mynd (USA)
Everybody loves the 90’s!
It was so much fun!
Next over to Barbarella where by now you know Friday means “Discothèque”.
Resident and instigator of Discothèque, DJ Nick Whitney (USA), was in the booth upon arrival.
He had the dance floor jamming with Nu Disco and House music!
A really special edition of Discothèque is taking place here at Barbarella on Friday, December 10th as the veteran DJ Louie Vega (USA) will be playing here. Advance tickets are here.
Discothèque is typically free admission but that one is so huge that it has an admission price!
Later DJ Totally Cool Dad (USA) was going back-to-back with DJ Extraa (USA).
If you haven’t been yet you need to come check this out!
Next stop, Celine Nightclub.
Where I walked into THIS!
For DJ Justin Martin (USA).
Part of the Dirtybird Records label, his set was mostly vocal House.
And the place was packed!
Dance floor wall-to-wall.
Dirtybird Campout was taking place this weekend in California but we got Justin Martin to ourselves in Florida!
First time seeing Justin Martin play since we saw him in 2018 at Club Space in Miami during Miami Music Week. PHOTO
He had everyone bouncing!
Spotted in VIP: Nazila & Dina. Nazila is part of the Blacksand promotions group and they’ve got DJ Joeski (USA) playing next Friday night October 22nd downtown at Aloha Beautiful. Advance ticket information here.
Fun times at Celine!
But wait, there’s more! Final stop at Elixir Bar.
Out on their famous patio, a crowd had gathered.
Caught the last few minutes of a mostly Progressive House set from DJ S.I.D (USA).
And taking over a few minutes later, DJ CRi (CDN).
Originally from Quebec City, his set was on fire!
Who would continue the vibe!
And then the headliner!
DJ Qrion (J)
She continued with the House and was quite animated too!
Dance floor got jammed!
Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all.