Concert Report: DJ Marten Hørger (Gilt Concert Venue)

Saturday night in the city with only one destination in mind: Gilt Concert Venue.
DJ Nathan Fraze (USA) was in the booth upon arrival playing a loud EDM/Dance set.
He was quite animated.
And there was already an early crowd on the dance floor.
There were DJ shift changes every half hour with the lineup curated by Blaze Entertainment. Before we knew it Michael Butler dba DJ Butler (USA) took over.
DJ Butler is based in Gainesville and delivered the House.
Some of his songs had the crowd literally in a frenzy!
And the dance floor was really filling-in.
DJ Protaxia (USA) rounding out the openers.
Absolutely loved his set which was dominated by Top 40 and Hip Hop classics but remixed to a faster House beat!
Only the second time seeing Protaxia. We last saw him in 2020 in the Treasure Room at Celine Nightclub.
It was soon 12:30AM and the crowd was getting excited for the headliner!
DJ Marten Hørger (D).
It was hard to get him in the booth because he kept stopping and chatting with everyone on the way up. Marten Hørger is always in a great mood and it was no different last night!
Quite animated too and chatting with the audience.
His G-House / Bass House set had everyone bouncing!
Mullets are back!
His music selections were fast and loud but never crossed over into that head-banging Heavy Bass stuff.
The lasers were flying.
We’ve seen Marten Hørger spin twice previously; first at Mekka for Miami Music Week 2015.
And again in 2018 at Peek Downtown in Orlando. Curiously, both prior sets were Breaks so I really only knew him as a Breaks DJ rather than a House DJ. When he asked me last night where he knows me from and I reminded him of his Breaks set at Peek, he remembered it in detail and was intrigued with it.
Marten Hørger is based in a smaller town near Stuttgart.
Not as crowded as the Alesso (S) show here last month but hardly empty either.
Spotted on the dance floor: Rose, Anthony & Lucky
Rose challenged any takers to show off dancing skills.
And her new high speed Puma platform trainers left everyone in her dust!
Spotted on the dance floor.
Spotted by the booth: DJ Solh (USA) (Disclaimer: He actually spotted me!)
Spotted taking pics: Gilt Official Photographer David Monteverde
Such a fun night with one banger after another.
When the set ended and the crowd yelled for “one more song”, Marten Hørger not only obliged but played for another 15 minutes before finally concluding. Great show and a good time was had by all.