Club Reports: Bullitt Bar, McQueen’s, Elixir Bar, Discothèque @ Barbarella

Trying to bring some variety into our postings so we begin with a couple venues less-traveled such as Bullitt Bar.
Resident DJ Cody Jared (USA) in the booth playing Hip Hop.
The DJ booth is now located close to the entrance. It used to be located all the way in the rear but has been replaced with this private VIP area.
Bullitt Bar is somewhat themed after the 1968 action film Bullitt.
And it can get crowded in here!
That 1968 film starred Steve McQueen. Directly above Bullitt Bar is McQueen’s.
DJ Freefall (USA) was in the booth playing 90’s Hip Hop but promptly at 11PM the music switches over to EDM and House music!
View from the booth. Bullitt Bar is on Floor 1 while McQueen’s is on Floors 2 & 3.
There is really no film theming in here; it’s more of haunted house decor with some extra theming brought in for the Halloween season.
Freefall says the move to House music has been a huge success and the place gets really packed late at night. We will return to check that out!
The lasers were flying.
View down to the skull wall.
I didn’t recognize anyone. But this is a huge spot for selfies!
Place already jamming and it was still before midnight.
Next stop Elixir Bar and their famed outdoor dance patio.
With DJ Duke Dumont (GB) playing over at The Vanguard, it was going to be a relatively slow night at Elixir.
DJ 2Pull (USA) in the booth playing House.
Not packed as we sometimes see here but a decent crowd on hand.
2Pull would tag team with DJ Designer Trash (USA).
House music all night long.
Many people hung out in the back by the bar instead of out on the dance floor.
You know by now that Fridays at Barbarella has been taken over by Discothèque. And we just can’t stay away!
Walking in around midnight to see the dance floor full.
With the very-animated DJ Totally Cool Dad (USA) leading the festivities.
He had everyone bouncing!
And it kept getting more and more crowded!
Trying to describe his set: It was a mix of Disco, Nu Disco, 90’s & early-00’s Dance, perhaps some 80’s, and all at really fast BPM’s. Wow!
DJ Gay-Z (USA) would come on closer to 1AM.
And people kept filing (or is it piling?) onto the dance floor!
Someone mentioned to me that the crowd was leftovers from the Duke Dumont show. Not at all. Discothèque has built its own following and this is their crowd!
Gay-Z slowed things down a bit and at least the beginning of his set while I was there was more traditional House.
Listen folks: If you’ve not yet experienced Discothèque @ Barbarella on Friday nights, you need to come on out. It is absolutely amazing and euphoric. And unless there is a special guest DJ, there is no cover charge.
A good time was had by all.