ARC Music Festival – Day 2 (Chicago)

Back at Union Park near downtown Chicago for Day 2 of ARC Music Festival. The biggest difference between the two days was that the first day was under typical Chicago overcast skies and temps in the low 70’s while overnight the skies cleared and it was sunny and temps in the low 80’s!
On the main The Grid stage, DJ Steve Gerard (USA).
The Chicago-based DJ was pumping out the House!
With sunny hot weather, the covered Elrow stage would be a cool respite.
Saturday’s opener was also Sunday’s opener.
DJ Xenaa (USA) back in the perch.
The wacky Elrow animation team was in full regalia too and handing out free lemonade.
It was early but the crowd was growing quickly compared to Day 1.
Hidden in a far corner, the Expansions stage had cranked-up too.
Almost too short to see, DJ Hiroko Yamamura (USA).
She would go back-to-back for a two hour opening set with DJ Holographic (USA). Hiroko Yamamura is Chicago-based while Holographic is out of Detroit.
ARC‘s extensive use of female DJ’s in their lineup was impressive.
Only Valentino from Security kept me offstage, lol!
But I got up there nonetheless for side shots. Doc Marten‘s were de rigeour for the female DJ’s.
Out in the hot sun, the crowd here did not grow as quickly as the day prior.
The ARC Car stage was back for Day 2.
The day’s lineup included continuous Chicago-based DJ duo sets. Love how ARC featured a lot of locals.
Opening DJ Corduroy Xavier (USA) was still on as I passed by.
Alternating with DJ Richie Olivo (USA).
A small collection of dancers were enjoying the House.
Back to the mainstage to see what was what.
DJ TSHA (GB) on the decks!
And her mostly Vocal House set was a nice change from what we’ve been hearing!
She had the crowd bouncing!
It was still early so not that many had arrived yet.
EDC-Orlando is a far-larger event with more stages and larger grounds. It also attracts a larger crowd with the edition of Dubstep and Heavy Bass DJ’s. But ARC was really impressive with it’s focus on House and Techno!
Time for a DJ shift change at Elrow.
Also back for a second day, DJ Toni Varga (E).
He had the crowd moving.
This was my favorite stage. The decor was amazing!
Stage right.
Stage left.
When you got to go, you got to go. General admission toilets on a hot day.
General admission toilet lines.
Those of us in VIP got air conditioned WC’s! I must admit though, after dozens of festivals, I’ve yet to actually have to use one!
Back to the bus.
For DJ’s Dangerwayne (USA) and L3XX (USA).
More House music.
At The Grid, it was transition time.
With the arrival of DJ Jeremy Olander (S).
The Vocal House set thus ended and we moved into more of a Melodic House set.
Stockholm-based Jeremy Olander is part of Eric Prydz (S) label.
Crowd was really starting to build now.
As we spotted in Europe last week, bell bottoms are back!
Flares for the win!
Jenga with real bricks?
Easier to capture the art without the overcast skies. Nice!
This electric forest was very EDC-reminiscent.
I couldn’t get a good picture of DJ Gene Farris (USA) in the “tent”. One of the originators of House music back in the day, we had seen him last October at Gilt.
Couldn’t get closer because the place was already packed!
The covered roof made this the place to be!
DJ Cross (USA) & DJ Bobby DeMaria (USA) up on the bus rooftop!
Still a relatively small crowd here but it was hot out there!
Final visit of the day in the forest.
DJ Heather (USA) on the decks.
The Brooklyn-based DJ was hard to see in the sun’s glare.
She did not disappoint!
And this stage was beginning to see some population!
Sadly, an urgent matter back in Orlando cut my visit to Chicago short and I had to take the latest flight I could find back to Orlando. But adjacent my hotel in the Loop they had State Street blocked-off for another festival.
The Freakeasy booth provided yet more House music!
From DJ’s Illexandra and Shakey (USA). It was a great weekend in Chicago and everywhere I went, a good time was had by all.