Club Reports: Eden Lounge, Barbarella

It’s been awhile since we dropped by Eden Lounge. It’s located where Bar B previously operated pre-covid.
Friday night resident DJ Horny Dave (USA) was in the booth playing Hip Hop.
Butt the view from the booth was awesome!
Bar B patrons will remember the large bar that occupies the center of the room. It’s still there, just decorated differently.
We fondly remember Dave’s Friday night House music sets last summer at Elixir when that venue was basically the only DJ dance club open in downtown Orlando.
The Eden patio goes well beyond the pillars and out into the street, creating a lot of additional space. My visit was early but by midnight this place will be packed!
By now you’ve surely heard that Independent Bar has changed its name to Barbarella. There will be renovations and new DJ nights and last night was one of those! And Fridays will be called “Discotheque”.
Up in the booth we found DJ Flashdrive (USA).
11PM and already a building crowd on the dance floor!
We didn’t really know what “Discotheque” meant when we saw the flyers. It didn’t have any groovy colors or peace signs normally associated with 70’s Disco. We quickly found out! The music was definitely 70’s Disco, but the more obscure stuff rather than the kitschy hits.
And the shiny disco balls were spinning!
There was an occasional 70’s banger thrown in too!
Around midnight, DJ December Beaches (USA) taking over and continuing the 70’s vibe!
The dance floor was jammed, far more than what has been typical in I-Bar of late on Fridays.
And this was with a minimal of advertising. Just wait until more people hear about this!
I had one more stop planned for last night but the music was just too good to leave!
Delivering “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life“. The 40-yr old song is as fresh now as it was when it came out! Disco forever!
But don’t worry about Saturday nights. Tonight is 80’s New Wave like it’s always been!
Wow, you need to come check this out. A good time was had by all.