Club Reports: Studio 27, Barbarella, Aero Bar, SHADE @ Ace Cafe

Originally in Orlando history the home of Herman’s Loan Office and more recently nightclubs Mako’s and Native Social Bar, this historic location is now home to club Studio 27.
The booth is still upstairs overlooking the dance floor but at this early hour last night there was no DJ yet and they had a Hip Hop track playing.
For those that recall Native, the bar that was up on this mezzanine level has been removed and it’s a VIP seating area.
A stripper pole has been added! Progress!
We’re told the place gets crowded late but at 10:30PM during our visit, it was still mostly idle. We’ll return in the future later in the evening.
Independent Bar has returned to it’s prior name: Barbarella. No changes yet other than the name but new nights are coming along with guest DJ’s plus other renovations. The name now matches owner John Gardner’s other clubs in Houston, Austin & Louisville.
If you’re looking for House music downtown but no cover charge, you can’t beat Aero Bar.
We found DJ Robin (USA) in the booth playing an awesome set!
Even though it was still early, dance floor activity was already picking-up!
House music and EDM had the crowd moving.
You can count on great music at Aero every Friday and Saturday night!
The lasers were flying!
At midnight, Friday night resident DJ Cliff T (USA) took over. Cliff opens for Tiësto (NL) tonight at The Vanguard. That event is SOLD OUT!
Next stop, Ace Cafe.
Headed inside, spotted DJ Skylar Williams (USA) with friend Dillon outside.
Inside, a nice crowd on the dance floor.
For the next edition of: SHADE
Caught the tail-end of a booming Techno set from Miami DJ duo Saprophytic (USA).
Not packed but a good crowd for Techno!
Shortly thereafter, famed DJ D-Unity (CDN) took over.
Everyone was in a great mood.
SHADE is Orlando’s top Techno music brand.
The DJ had the crowd bouncing!
Haven’t seen D-Unity in Orlando since 2016 when he played at both Vinyl Arts Bar and 100 Club.
Such a great vibe in here!
A good time was had by all.