Club Reports: Embassy Irish Bar, Elixir Bar, Celine Nightclub, Blue LaLa @ Häos

Winter 2021 held it’s last hurrah in Orlando last night with chilly temps in the low 50’s and not a lot of people, relatively speaking, downtown. Nonetheless, we began our appointed rounds at Embassy Irish Bar located at the corner of Orange and Central.
And it was here we found DJ Pepper (USA) playing House music!
Just a small contingent on hand. It was not clear if that patron at the bar was giving me “the finger” or saying I was number 1.
Spotted: DJ Amygurl (USA) with Brandy.
And a few more people over in VIP. Embassy is not your typical Irish bar; they’ve got Breaks on Thursdays, House on Fridays and 80’s Night tonight! Come check it out.
Next stop Elixir Bar, home to House music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
We found DJ Rohen (VEN) in the booth upon first arrival.
The booth is located outdoors on their famous patio and there was a small group dancing up arrival.
After so many days in the upper 80’s, everyone needed to be bundled up!
Last night’s headliner came on next.
DJ Demenz (VEN).
And the floor got quite a bit fuller as the night went on!
Let’s go check out Celine Nightclub.
Walked into a crowd!
For the final few minutes of a set by DJ Danny Time (USA).
But moments later, the switch over to their evening’s headliner, DJ Born Dirty (IL/F/USA).
His set had everyone bouncing.
House music all night long.
The lasers were flying.
As international as they come, Born Dirty is an Israeli native who spent his childhood in France, moved to London as an adult and now resides in East Los Angeles!
It was the biggest crowd we ran into last night but nowhere near as packed as we often see. Popular DJ MK (USA) plays EDM here on April 16th and Black Coffee (ZA) will deliver the House and Afropop here on April 29th. Advance tickets here.
Our final posting from Friday night is actually delivered out of order because Blue LaLa Lounge upstairs at Häos on Church must be an early stop when you’re downtown!
You see Häos has really popular entertainment shows on Friday nights downstairs such as Burlesque last night but that ends at 10PM. Knowing that it’s still so early, a lot of the downstairs crowd migrates upstairs for more drinks.
And it’s here Friday night resident DJ Chino (USA) spins Top 40 and House music.
And after another round of drinks, there is plenty of space for dancing!
And it can get pretty crazy in there!
The bar stayed really busy.
But it only runs until midnight so you have to come early!
Joelz Sax (USA) dropped by for an impromptu session to the huge cheers of the crowd.
Still closed due to covid, DJ Chino is the Friday night resident DJ at The Groove in Universal CityWalk.
Chino’s set last night drove the crowd into a frenzy!
And a good time was had by all.