Club Reports: Treehouse, The Venue (MIA/FTL)

Night number Two in South Florida and venturing over to South Beach and famed House/Techno club Treehouse.
At the very rear, a cute little outdoor patio area which was already seeing some guests during the 5PM hour.
There is a tree…..but no treehouse.
With beautiful weather in Miami, this was a popular spot to take a break from the music.
When you first enter the club, you enter the “Front Room”. But if you’ve never been here before, you don’t know that it’s not the “Main Room” yet it doesn’t matter because the music stops you anyway!
DJ Maxart btb with DJ M.A.N.T.A.N.A.
As everyone’s first stop, the dance floor was already seeing early action.
Flowers hanging everywhere from the ceiling gives the place a Club Space Miami kind of vibe.
The front room was brought to us by DJMag Brasil but the music was all House!
Meanwhile in the actual “Main Room”, we found DJ Monoky (USA) also playing House.
Opening DJ’s have it tough anyway but no one knew….yet….that this was the main room so it was just me enjoying his set.
I went out side and returned to the main room a few minutes later and discovered the dance floor suddenly had activity and a DJ trio had taken over!
Of course: Mason Collective (GB)
We had just seen these guys at Elixir Bar in Orlando last Saturday night! LINK
The lasers were flying!
Like in Orlando, they had the dance floor bouncing!
Mason Collective is based in Manchester.
Back to the front room to experience a back-to-back set from Chaos! and Rafa.Wax.
Dance floor in this room stayed busy too.
We’ll add country identifier codes to this article later but I ran out of time.
So I go back to the main room which is now packed!
No wonder! The night’s headliner was on: DJ Roger Sanchez (USA)
The room was packed and Sanchez’ set was on fire!
House music all night long!
He plays tonight (Saturday) at the street party on Pine Street in downtown Orlando.
I’ve seen Roger Sanchez several times over the years and I’ve never seen him as “animated” as he was last night. Lots of bouncing and spinning and full of smiles.
Quick visit to the front room; I believe this is DJ Fabricio Moraes. Will update if a correction is needed. More House, yes!
He had his own crowd!
Meanwhile Sanchez had finished and DJ Anthony Attalla (MEX/USA) had taken over!
The room stayed jammed!
He too was quite animated last night. We had last seen him play at Elixir (LINK) 2018 and I believe he played the Celine rooftop in 2019.
As you’ve likely seen on the News, South Beach is under an 8PM to 6AM curfew and most traffic headed to the island is blocked. Fortunately, Treehouse was not directly impacted because they’re a few blocks north of the restricted zone. But inbound bridges are blocked and this hurried picture as I left around 11PM shows blocked drivers on I-195.
A quick late-night drive up I-95 brought me to The Venue in Fort Lauderdale.
Huge room with some interesting decorations.
Opening DJ Lucas Larvenz (USA) was in the booth when I arrived close to midnight.
Well it is Spring Break and Fort Lauderdale is “where the boys are”.
Larvenz’ set included EDM, House and Heavy Bass.
Interesting feature here is the entire back wall is used for graphics, not just the light-up panels we typically see behind DJ’s.
And then, there they were!
We got two of the three artists known as Cheat Codes (USA).
The crowd was excited.
They reminded me a bit of The Chainsmokers (USA) in that one party remains in the booth playing the DJ role while the other stands up in front and sings.
Dance version of “Let’s Talk About Sex”.
I had never seen them live so it was worth the drive. Big thanks to Johnny Gamez for the hookup.
Both rooms at Treehouse and here in the big room at The Venue, everywhere I went last night a good time was had by all.