Club Reports: Spacepark, Backdoor Monkey, Rose’ (MIA/FTL)

For the second year in a row, Miami Music Week has been cancelled and many of the clubs in Miami/Miami Beach remain closed or are operating but must shut by midnight. My airline reservations were made 11 months ago so I was going this year come hell or high water, lol, and even American Airlines switching my flight to a Boeing 737-MAX8 did not deter me! There was plenty of fun to be found beginning with this outdoor event at Spacepark.
Spacepark is a small park in the Little Haiti area of Miami, apparently a collaboration between famed Club Space Miami and Bar Lab.
Last night it was set up with VIP sections and a large grassy dance floor up front.
Selfie props were brought in for the event.
Including the world’s largest shiny disco ball?
Opening at 4PM, at close to 5PM it was just me and my bartender occupying the dance floor.
With the stunning DJ Layla Benitez (USA) occupying the booth.
Over on my Facebook page we had an active discussion about the double-standards female DJ’s face in a world dominated by male DJ’s. For instance, in the previous photo I called her “stunning” when I never comment about male DJ looks. Male DJ’s routinely show up in t-shirts and jeans, while we will specifically mention here that Layla Benitez looked amazing in her white bralette and white bell bottom leggings!
Her set ranged from Minimal to Tech House. Her father is famed Studio 54 DJ John “Jellybean” Benitez. We had seen Jellybean last February at Iron Cow. Article link here.
By the end of her 2-hour set, more people had arrived but they remained congregated distant from the booth.
Next up, famed DJ Nicola Cruz (F/EC).
The dance floor was beginning to populate.
And the brave came forward to up near the booth!
The guys wore jeans and t-shirts, the girls were more fashionable.
By 7PM it was getting pretty crowded.
Spring Break in Florida!
Mixing Techno and House. And not wearing a t-shirt.
Born in France, he is based in Quito, Ecuador.
His set had the crowd bouncing.
Next stop BDM.
Yes, Back Door Monkey.
Inside we found DJ Mausa (CO) and DJ Mafter (CO) playing.
The venue is more of a restaurant with everyone eating and nobody dancing, at least at this early hour.
The lasers were flying!
Their set was mostly House. These guys have played at Celine in Orlando.
Interesting place, great music!
A quick late-night hop up I-95 brought me to Rose’ in Fort Lauderdale.
Wasn’t sure what to expect in this small venue but I could see the DJ booth up behind the bar.
Where we spotted DJ Rita Valenti (USA).
Nice little crowd congregated around the front of the venue.
Not that I noticed, but Rita Valenti was looking awesome wearing a sheer black top with a maroon tank top under it. And black super-skinny pants.
Her set was House and Tech House.
Interesting decor. This is a real late-night destination and unlike Miami, Fort Lauderdale does not have a covid19 curfew.
Rose’ has a shiny disco ball so you know the place is legit!
First time seeing Rita play since 2016 when she opened for DJ D-Unity (CDN) at 100 Club in Orlando. Photo link.
And they have a great bathtub selfie-spot. Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all.