Club Reports: Thrive Cocktail Lounge, Embassy Irish Bar, Independent Bar, Elixir Bar

Saturday night in the city and first stop at the brand new Thrive Cocktail Lounge & Eatery.
It’s the successor to Avenue Gastropub which closed late last year. It’s lined with booths along the south wall and this inviting bar along the north wall. My gin & tonic was only $6 so that’s a good start.
There’s no DJ but a great Deep House / Chill track was playing in the background. Before Avenue, this was the home to the all-white decor Senso Supperclub and prior to that, Zinc Bar. Both featured international DJ’s and I saw Nicole Moudaber (GB) and Ferry Corsten (NL) in this very room. I was told though there are no plans to add a DJ here but there is certainly plenty of room towards the rear if they later wanted to.
Two nights in a row for Embassy Irish Bar located in the center of downtown at the corner of Orange and Central.
Last night was 80’s Night, brought to us by DJ Jimmy Josslin (USA) and DJ Mynd (USA).
The dance floor bar was surprisingly empty.
While the entrance bar was full.
Thursdays at Embassy are Breaks, Fridays are House and so far Saturdays are Retro. We saw a 70’s Night here recently and last night an 80’s Night. Will be interesting to see if they do a 90’s Night! No one is playing Britney, Christina or the Back Street Boys!
And Jimmy Joslin’s 00’s Classic Dance nights at Bar B were hugely popular. So we’ll see what’s next. Meanwhile, check out Jimmy and DJ Magic Mike (USA) tonight at Celine for SinDUSTRY night as they continue their new reprise of the old House of Blues Sunday SIN nights. There will also be Breaks in the Treasury room upstairs AND up on the rooftop, a special set from Carnage (USA) dba Gordo. Admission is FREE!
You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, I’m going to stop by Independent Bar.
Walked in early to a decent little crowd on the dance floor.
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John (USA) was in the booth playing early-to-mid 80’s New Wave.
It seems the “regular” older crowd that used to populate I-Bar on Saturday nights has not yet come out of their houses post-Covid so it’s been drawing a much-younger clientele.
But it’s hard to hold their attention for long. Not sure what the solution is.
Spotted outside: Lauren & Tiffany
Final stop, Elixir Bar.
Out to their famous patio where DJ duo Meen (USA) was finishing their House set.
Jacket weather last night but the dance floor was pretty busy.
Everyone here for DJ trio Mason Collective (GB).
Got them lined-up correctly here, lol.
House music all night long!
The outdoor bar was jammed as they played.
Their set had everyone moving.
Based in Manchester, they’ve played together at famous locales such as Creamfields and Ibiza. First time seeing them.
Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by al.