Concert Report: SIN Reprise (Celine)

Celine Nightclub on a Sunday night, the new home for a reprise of what previously was the Sunday night Service Industry Night (SIN) at House of Blues in Downtown Disney. The Mouse axed SIN in 2015 and there has been pent-up demand for a replacement.
Of course SIN meant DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) and last night again, there he was!
We’ve seen him so often doing Breaks so it was great to hear him booming out House music!
The early crowd was looking fine!
The event was supposed to begin at 10PM but was sadly delayed until 11PM. Made for a short night.
This new Sunday night at Celine has been titled SinDUSTRY rather than SIN.
The crowd was beginning to build.
Upstairs there was a second area of music which is where we found DJ Ganjalustt (USA).
Up here is where we found the Breaks!
A small room but it was crowded. Of course Amelia and Storm were in front!
Ganjalustt had the room rocking!
Meanwhile back downstairs in the main room, it was beginning to really fill-up.
Spotted in the foyer: Latesia, Elaina & Brandy
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Evolv3 (USA) and DJ Daggett (USA)
Spotted in VIP: DJ Justin Taylor (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Jody Marie & Brandy
Sorry so bleached-out: DJ JB Burgos (USA) and friends.
Spotted by the bar: Dolly & OB
Spotted in VIP: DJ Losman (USA), Victor & DJ Tooltime (USA)
Of course the other half of Sunday night SIN at House of Blues was DJ Magic Mike (USA) and he was up next on the main stage.
Magic Mike’s set began with a lot of Old Skool classics and then migrated over to House.
His set had the crowd bouncing!
We know Magic Mike mostly for his Breaks and even EDM so it was great to hear him do a full House set!
That look generated by great House music!
Back upstairs, caught the final minute of a Breaks set from DJ Swagkerr (USA).
And a continuation of the great vibe in this room from Tooltime.
Upstairs DJ trio: Swagkerr, Ganjalustt & Tooltime
Back downstairs to catch Magic Mike turning the controls over to…..
DJ Bijou (USA)
Main room was pretty packed now!
Not packed like we saw a couple weeks ago for DJ Nora en Pure (CH), but hardly empty either.
His set fused classic House beats to Hip Hop songs, creating a genre coined Ghetto House or G-House for short.
Seemed like a successful first night for SinDUSTRY. A good time was had by all.