Concert Report: Rare Kandi (Geek Easy)

First time visit to Geek Easy, a small club located along SR 436 across from Full Sail University. We were told to expect something different! We had no idea.
Upon entering, there was this game room up front. The music was coming from the rear room so onward we went.
And walked in and found a dance floor already occupied by mostly costumed patrons!
For DJ Naivox (USA).
The lasers were flying during his set.
The bar had full-liquor service and remained busy.
What made this place “different” was the music. Naivox’ set alternated between Hardstyle and Industrial, Drum & Bass and Jungle. Several of his songs began with a Big Room House vibe to them before going Hard!
He had the dance floor full.
Someone once said you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Someone was right!
Up next on the decks, DJ Digital Dot (USA).
Her set continued with more Hard Dance or the “Happy Hardcore” she is known for.
She had the dance floor bouncing with the high-BPM music.
She tells me that there is an underground scene in Orlando for Hardcore. We definitely appreciate getting to experience it!
DJ Candy Kid (BY/USA) sharing his shiny disco ball with us. Based in New York, he would play later.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Candy Kid with Molly.
With 45-minute sets, the night moved as fast as the 150 BPM music! DJ Chaos D (USA) coming on next.
A most-interesting scene!
A lot of multi-colored hair and baggy phat pants.
His set also Hard Dance. I don’t know Hard Dance from Hardcore or UK Hardcore, but that’s what I was told, lol.
Sadly, I had to be up at 5AM on a night already shortened by the move to daylight savings time so it was not possible to stay longer.
But wow, a good time was had by all.