Club Report: Sonesta Resort (Sint Maarten)

Desperate to do some travel after months of international lock-downs, Sint Maarten was the destination of choice for this first journey and the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort was the lodging of choice.

The resort is on famous Maho Beach and is pretty amazing. The rate not includes all your meals and snacks but also all your drinks!
And on a Wednesday night on the Terrace, we found DJ Kirk (USA) playing Top 40 songs such as Prince (USA) and Michael Jackson (USA).
Not unexpected though on a Wednesday night on an island where tourism only recently reopened, pretty much empty.
The bar wasn’t particularly busy either although off-photo was a large group of sorority sisters from the University of Georgia.
He asked me for a few requests and since I was on the smallest island in the world governed by two countries (Netherlands and France), we went with some Armin van Buuren (NL) and David Guetta (F). He said some guests in the adjoining hotel complained about the noise but my philosophy is that if I’m going to listen to good music, everyone is going to listen to good music! A good time was had… me!