Club Reports: Lizzys, On The Block Party @ Elixir, The Vanguard

Beginning the night at and first visit ever to Lizzys Irish Bar.
Why come here? I had heard it’s a great place to pre-game since they have low drink prices.
It’s directly across the street from Aero Bar and 64 North yet I had never been. There is no DJ but there is prerecorded music coming off a juke box.
Drink consumed, time to head to the “On The Block” street party taking place outside Elixir.
It began at 7PM and I arrived around 9PM to find a crowd already dancing!
With music from DJ Ben Sterling (GB).
He was making his U.S. club debut.
The early crowd.
VIP viewing platform overlooked the action below.
Rear view (literally and figuratively).
Sterling’s House set had the crowd bouncing.
That look you get from great House music.
His first hour was all non-vocal House but right at 10PM he switched it over to Vocal House and the beats got a little livelier.
The fence that normally surrounds the famous Elixir patio was removed so the event, which was taking place in the parking lot adjacent Elixir, flowed right onto the patio and into the club building.
Ben Sterling was presented by New York’s Revival label.
Egypt & Armenia were represented!
As was the Man From GLAD.
As 11PM approached, the place was really packed!
Very impressive set!
Promptly at 11PM, the evening’s headliner: DJ Marco Carola (I).
Originally from Naples, I believe he now resides in Miami.
Everyone in a great mood!
Beautiful February evening in Orlando, the happiest place on Earth!
Spotted in the front row (of course): Storm, Amelia & Mariaha
During a normal year Marco Carola has club residencies in Ibiza. We’re not sure about 2021. But he brought that Ibiza vibe to O-town.
Both inside and outside Elixir, drink choices and prices were limited to keep lines moving.
Playing a 3 hour set, everything was non-vocal House and Tech House while I was there.
More block parties are planned for here later this Spring and Summer!
Next stop, The Vanguard.
Walked into this!
More of a silhouette, DJ Morten (DK).
There he is!
We got a better view of him a few years ago at Vain.
The lasers were flying. The Vanguard likely has the best light system in Orlando.
Morten’s House set ranged from the recent like David Guetta (F) hit “When Love Takes Over” to The Prodigy (GB) classic “Smack My Bitch Up“.
Crazy great set!
Spotted in VIP: DJ duo Breikthru (USA)
They had opened the show earlier. PHOTO CREDIT: Breikthru
After a ten minute delay due to apparent sync issues, the evening’s headliners!
DJ duo Cash Cash (USA)
With a number of EDM hits under the belt, they actually opened with a loud Heavy Bass song that had the heads banging! But that was followed with their 2015 banger “Surrender“.
Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all.