Club Reports: Henao, The Patio, Inside At The Patio, Celine Nightclub

Located in the Lockhart area of Orlando on Edgewater Drive near Lee Road, we’ve driven by Henao Contemporary Center numerous times over the years and this time finally stopped by!
They have this great little outdoor patio in back where a small crowd had already gathered early in the evening.
House music!
DJ / Producer Blair Sound Design (USA) was in the booth.
Henao has this cool little bar inside the building but the music is all outside.
When I came in he was playing old school Classic Dance and then went into House. That was followed by a whole array of other genres ranging from Electronic Rap (is that a genre?) to Acid House to Electro. It’s hard to describe but it was good.
We’re told they average around 100 patrons and there were around 40 already there during our early visit. This takes place every Friday night so come check it out.
Now on to downtown where we encountered this sign at the entrance to The Patio. It doesn’t just say there’s sometimes a party, or there might be a party. No it says, there’s always a party! So we entered with a healthy dose of skepticism.
Friday / Saturday night resident DJ Parry (USA) was in the booth playing Top 40.
Place was jammed!
Bubbles were floating.
Snow was falling.
Playing a DJ Icey song…..who knew?
OK, it seems to be true. There really is always a party at The Patio.
At the rear of the club is this indoor room previously called Jungle Room.
That name has been painted-over and now it’s cleverly called Inside At The Patio.
Here we found DJ Rock Johnson (USA) in the booth.
The music hasn’t changed. It’s still a Hip Hop joint.
But we previously showed you their new selfie spot.
Hard to see her through the haze but Blog-favorite Lindsay was working the bar!
Celine Nightclub was on the list for last night.
First to the rooftop where we found DJ Ben Finx (USA) in the booth.
It’s a tradition that most people come up here first before heading to the main room.
His House set had everyone bouncing!
Ben Finx is based in Miami.
I checked the Blog archives and found that we had previously seen him play in 2016 at Kokina over near Universal Studios.
Great set!
Now down to the main room where the lasers were already flying!
Another act from Miami……
DJ duo Cocodrills (USA).
We first discovered them a few years back on the Neon Garden stage at EDC-Orlando.
And we got to see them play this past November at Elixir Bar.
Last night Celine was crowded but not packed. Don’t forget that Sunday night SIN returns to Orlando featuring DJ’s Magic Mike (USA) and Jimmy Joslin (USA) beginning March 14th here at Celine. Grab free opening night tickets here.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.