Concert Report: Disco Lemonade Presents (Elixir Bar)

Disco Lemonade was in Orlando last night on the Elixir Bar patio!
Even though it was only 10PM when we arrived, there was already a crowd on their famous outside dance floor.
No wonder; DJ Dose (USA) making an Orlando appearance!
House music all night long.
Dose is based in the Tampa Bay area.
They’ve added a thin plastic covering over the lighting rig which reflects whatever is being displayed on the back screen. Very cool.
All too soon Dose finished his set and DJ Richard Hunt (USA) took over.
By now the patio was pretty full.
There was some Melbourne Shuffle going on!
Elixir ownership always invests back in the product. Back during last year’s covid19 shutdowns a roof was built over the outside bar and outside seating areas.
And a new much-larger DJ booth was constructed as well.
Richard Hunt is based in Punta Gorda and Fort Myers.
Inside and outside bars stayed busy.
As DJ Ronnie Lopez (USA) took over at midnight!
Dance floor got packed!
Block party next Saturday night in the Elixir parking lot featuring DJ Marco Carola (I), Ben Sterling (GB) and more! Advance tickets here.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Kris Klutch (USA) and DJ Andrez (USA).
Spotted up front: Jaime Anne and Amelia
We first saw Ronnie Lopez play last month when he and Dose opened for Green Velvet (USA) in Tampa.
1AM arrived and it was time for the final switch of the night.
DJ Slugg (USA)
That look you get from great House music.
He had everyone bouncing!
First time seeing him play.
All the DJ’s brought their A-game and a good time was had by all.