Concert Report: Shipwrecked Music Festival Pre-party (Tampa)

Taking place in the parking lot of Pepin’s Hospitality Centre in Tampa last night, ‘The Deep End” pre-party for the upcoming Shipwrecked Music Festival.
Last night’s show ran from 6PM to midnight and I strolled-in fashionably late close to 8PM with the stage already thumping!
Caught the tail end of a Tech House set from DJ duo Dolo (USA).
DJ Dose and Ronnie Lopez together are Dolo. First time seeing them play together! Loved classic “Music Is The Answer“. You can see them and others in Orlando on the famous Elixir Bar patio on February 20th with free early bird tickets here.
The event was moved from 7PM to 6PM and I don’t know everyone got the message. Nonetheless, there was already a pretty good crowd on the grounds.
The show carried a pirate theme with the DJ booth located up on a pirate ship.
8PM arrived and time for an Orlando DJ.
DJ Julian M (USA) taking over next.
Crowd building in the front VIP area.
That look you get from great House music!
I texted Julian M and told him I didn’t recognize him up there and he claimed it was because he just got a haircut. In reality, it was because most of the times I’ve seen him play it was at various 70’s Disco Nights and he was always wearing an Afro, lol. LINK
Some of his selections had an early-80’s Funk vibe to them. He had the crowd bouncing!
All too soon it was 9PM and DJ John Summit (USA) was on. But I do love concerts where each DJ does a one hour set as it really keeps the night moving.
Mask-wearing was close to non-existent but groups of people generally stayed in their own clusters and it was outdoors.
John Summit opens for DJ Solardo (GB) at The Vanguard (formerly Firestone) in Orlando on February 13th. Advance tickets here.
His set was lively and he was quite animated.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Dose (USA) with Jaime Anne
Spotted on the dance floor: Donna & Erick from Orlando!
The pirate theme carried over to some of the patrons.
A beautiful January evening to be outside in Florida!
And then there he was!!
Last night’s headliner, DJ Green Velvet (USA).
House music all night long! (Well, till midnight anyway.)
It was now really crowded!
He’s one of my favorites and a fellow grad from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Famous for his neon green mohawk!
The Shipwrecked Music Festival is taking place on April 17th with multiple stages and the lineup is still pending. More details and advance tickets here.
Playing his hit with Chris Lake (GB) “Deceiver”, “I see your lips moving but what you talkin bout?
Green Velvet’s set was 2 hours and was amazing!
What a great night! A good time was had by all.