Club Report: The Night That Didn’t Happen

Friday night in the city and destination M Bar & M Lounge on N. Orange Avenue. Headed there dressed in black for their Black on Black on Black Party in the Aviator’s Club. Except I never made it! Entering I-4 off the SR408 ramp, alarms went off on my dashboard indicating tire issues on my two right tires. They maintained enough air to get me within 3 blocks of my destination where I found an empty parking lot to pull into. Sure enough, two flat tires! Called the motor club who promised a tow truck within an hour. As the hour approached, my towing company cancelled on me and they had to hire a different company with a 90 minute service time. After a half hour, they cancelled too and a third vendor was hired and the 90 minute window began anew. After an hour a flatbed tow truck finally arrived from Able Towing and they were able to transport the car to my dealer. With that settled, I walked the rest of the way to M Bar but 2AM arrived and the party was over. I hired a Lyft to go home and watched on my phone as the apparently clueless driver roamed all over the Mills 50 District, somehow got on I-4 and drove to Altamonte Springs! I was able to cancel him but my phone died. It was then I met Travis Young dba DJ TL Smooth (USA) who was packing up his gear after the show. He allowed me to use his phone to order a Uber ride and refused my money even though the ride was being billed to him! He finally relented when I informed him I live out in suburbia and it was an expensive ride. Finally got home at 3:30AM. So thank you Able Towing! Thank you so much, Travis! And of course, thank you I-4 Ultimate Project. A good time was had by all.
Riding high on a flatbed!