Club Reports: The Abbey, Monkey Bar, Wall St. Cantina, Elixir Bar

Began our Friday night at The Abbey, a concert and live event center in downtown’s Lake Eola District.
A regularly occurring event pre-covid19, it was 80’s Night.
Featuring the live band “Rockit Fly” playing 80’s hair band Rock hits.
While the autopilot played early 80’s hits between sets. Definitely heard some “Sugarhill Gang” in there.
There were only about 40 people in the club compared to hundreds at past 80’s Nights here but the age group this caters to pretty much has stayed home since bars could reopen.
If you can find the sign for “The Monkey Bar“, you can find this hidden gem inside the Wall St. Plaza complex.
DJ Dity (USA) in the booth playing House.
At this early hour the inside was empty although there were patrons at the outside bar and on the balcony.
Five minute visit to Wall St. Cantina.
The booth is outside on a trailer where we found DJ Flatline (USA) playing Top 40 and Hip Hop hits.
The inside bar and outside patio were busy.
Time to head over to Elixir Bar.
While a DJ played Hip Hop inside, outside was the place to be!
Just in time for DJ Rafa Barrios (E) on the Elixir patio!
Place was as crowded as I’ve ever seen it!
The look you get from great House music!
He opened with a Latin House song but was otherwise pretty main stream.
Drifting into some Tech House at times, some of his selections were pretty unique.
But a good time was had by all.