Concert Report: Heather’s House (Ace Cafe)

Ace Cafe has been home to so many great DJ concerts and last night it hosted yet another great one, “Heather’s House”.
Running from 6PM to 2AM, the show opened with set from DJ Slinkee (USA).
Although the dance floor was pretty empty at this early hour, the mezzanine bar was already doing a brisk business!
The Adidas girls were already in the club.
As were the Green girls.
Breaks were the theme of the night!
Each DJ did a one hour set and Bobby Buzz (USA) was up next!
Last night’s cold weather moved the event from the Ace Cafe outdoor patio to inside.
DJ Amygurl (USA) was spotted with Elaina.
But beware! You never know where these official DJ Amygurl logo stickers might end up!
Bobby Buzz really cranked up the volume!
If you see a DJ with a mohawk, it’s gotta be Chris Craze (USA). His Breaks set actually crossed over into House a couple times IMO. Is Breaks House a thing?
Floor activity slowly picking up.
Slowed down just enough to get a picture of her!
Spotted at the bar: Chris and Amanda
First time seeing the Tampa-based DJ spin in Orlando since we saw him in 2017 at Red Coconut Club in Universal CityWalk. LINK
Spotted on the dance floor: Tanyia and her, her son. What!?
Spotted by the bar: Yalanda and Tracey
Spotted in slow motion: Chris
Spotted in fast motion: Amanda
The event was brought inside due to temperatures moving into the upper 40F’s but the Ace patio was still the de facto smoking area and remained popular.
9PM arrived and so did DJ Dave London (GB/USA).
The lasers came on!
Brought a very cool vibe to the floor!
Lots of vocal Classics in his set and though he told me it was an old song, I had never previously heard his Breaks remix of DJ Morgan Page (USA) hit “Longest Road“.
Dance floor was finally picking up.
Spotted on the patio: Dorsey and Amygurl with DJ Phin (USA) and DJ Gamma (USA).
Introduced by the MC as one of Florida’s if not the country’s biggest Producers, DJ Evan Gamble Lewis (USA).
He got the crowd bouncing!
Lasers everywhere!
First time actually seeing EGL play!
Spotted by the railing: Claudia and Hector
Spotted on the patio: Claudia and Doug
11PM and DJ Davie D (USA)!
All of a sudden we got a crowd.
Dorsey directing traffic!
We first met Davie D back in 2011 when he did his “Davie’s Angels” all female DJ shows at Suite B Lounge. LINK Hard to believe that was a decade ago!
Spotted on the dance floor: Shannon, DJ Swagkerr (USA) and Madeline
Spotted in the Tech Booth: Kelly and Lighting Tech Shaun Kerr
First time hearing Breaks versions of “Tootsie Roll” and “Dayo”, lol.
So much YES!
Photo op with Princess Sarah and friend.
At midnight, MC Rob-E (USA) introducing the star of the show, birthday girl DJ Heather Collins (USA).
She is probably the most animated DJ I’ve ever seen.
Bouncing around all over the place!
Keep in mind that had this taken place outside on the much-smaller patio as originally planned, it would have looked packed.
Passing through the mezzanine for a couple pics.
Heather had the club bouncing!
Heather Collins was one of “Davie’s Angels”. LINK
Closing out the concert with the DJ duo Brothers of Funk (USA).
Storm and…..
…..Johnny Dangerously.
Bringing the Electro!
Spotted offstage: DJ Celestial (USA), Heather and Dorsey
The show last night was brought to us by GMF Events, the group that also brought us the Paul Oakenfold (GB) concert this past November. They’ve got some other amazing shows in the works for later this year so stay tuned!
Great show and a good time was had by all.