New Years Eve Downtown

New Years Eve finally arrived last night with literally everyone ready to get rid of 2020 and move on to what should be a must better year! We began at Independent Bar.
DJ Indie John (USA) was in the booth playing music from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s.
Just prior to opening to the public, a look at the brilliantly lighted main room.
And they quickly gathered a crowd on the dance floor!
Neon Beach is a new venue that is trying to establish itself along Orange Avenue in the block just north of Washington Street.
Last night DJ and Vocalist Durik (USA) was on the corner stage.
Alternating between vocal and DJ sets, he was singing Chainsmokers (USA) hit “Closer” during our visit.
Neon Beach is a beautiful venue with a full-on Florida motif.
To succeed they’re going to have to get people to venture one block further north than their current limit around Saddle Up.
Elixir Bar on New Years Eve!
Inside the venue DJ Designer Trash (USA) was playing House.
But as is normally the case, the action was outside on their famous patio!
Where we found DJ Chino (USA) playing mostly Hip Hop hits.
The dance floor was jammed!
Elixir is one of downtown’s best venues!
Friends enjoying the music.
I told Chino that he was playing a Friday night Groove set and he agreed. When they’re open, Chino is the Friday night resident DJ at The Groove in Universal CityWalk.
Great vibe out here! Please note this event became free after midnight.
Whether you know it as Vinyl Arts Bar, MamaJuana or the current Vinyl Cafe, last night running into this morning was the final show for Vinyl.
From 11PM last night until Noon today, 13 different DJ’s doing one-hour sets brought Vinyl to its finality. DJ Kerman Valenzuela (RCH) was on the decks during our visit.
Big crowd in the club! This was the only Paid event we went to but who could miss their final night!
Built into what looked like a former residence, the DJ booth was in the living room and the bar was in the kitchen.
The kitchen stayed busy!
Spotted on the dance floor: Tica
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Brasuca (BR) and Claudia
Joined in this photo by Adam and DJ Michelle Furr-e (USA).
Wow his set was good!
Kerman had everyone bouncing!
As the shiny disco ball spun one last time. Vinyl owner Wilson Santos is looking for a new better location to move to so we’ll keep you updated. Likewise, something new is moving into this existing spot so we’ll let you know if it’s anything you’d want to check out.
Embassy Irish Bar is located at the prestigious downtown corner of Orange Avenue & Central Blvd. And every Thursday night there is a Breaks takeover!
We arrived to find DJ Swagkerr (USA) in the booth.
Good crowd in the club.
The dance floor stayed active during his set.
Anyone who is anyone will be attending the Best of Breaks show “Breaks At The Beach” near Port Canaveral on Saturday, February 6th at the Radisson Resort. LINK
DJ Tooltime (USA) came on next!
The dance floor got busier.
Spotted by the booth: Gregory & Erika
Spotted on the dance floor: A unicorn with Promoter Pete Manos.
Spotted near a table: Tracy
Spotted by the bar: DJ Phin (USA) & DJ Gamma (USA). They both headline an event next Friday night at Grumpy’s Underground.
All of a sudden it was HAPPY NEW YEAR time!
Big roar from the clubbers!
Lynn and Tanyia joined the action on the dance floor.
That look you get from Breakbeats!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Darkside (USA)
Spotted on the patio: DJ Evolv3 (USA), Brian & friend.
DJ Losman (USA) taking over after 1AM.
You’ll find similar action here at Embassy every Thursday night!
One last stop for Aero Bar!
Where we found DJ Robin (USA) on the decks!
Big crowd on the dance floor.
His set a mix of House and EDM!
DJ Cliff T (USA) taking over a bit later during our visit.
He would continue the House & EDM mix!
During a Dance version of “Celebration”, first time ever seeing the “Electric Slide” at Aero!
Spotted in the booth: The newlyweds, Cliff T & Kelley. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Later DJ Si-Dog (USA) dropping by to offer his congratulations too!
So good to see everyone!
Thursday night resident DJ Nela (USA) taking over later.
She continued the same format of House and EDM.
Because the peeps want EDM!
Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all. HAPPY NEW YEAR thanks for reading Orlando Entertainment News!