Was There An Active Shooter Downtown Last Night?

According to a spokesperson at the Orlando Police Department this morning, they have no report of an active shooter downtown last night around 1AM. Nonetheless, there was this crime scene tape across a small area in front of Downtown Pourhouse on Orange Avenue.
I was inside Embassy Irish Bar which is in the same block when what sounded like shots fired could be heard inside the open doors of the club. People outside on the street were running.
I commend the two security guards working at Embassy for immediately activating “active shooter” protocols. Anyone outside on their patio was immediately brought inside, they locked the doors and had everyone inside get down on the floor. Lights out. Based on my own “active shooter” training, their prior training for such a situation was apparent. Within a couple minutes when it was clear everything outside was OK, things quickly returned to normal and the show went on. UPDATE: I spoke to a random OPD officer last night who was standing patrol near Embassy and I asked whether there had been a shooting on NYE. He said he was not on duty that night and thus did not know any details but confirmed there was a shooting downtown on NYE.