Club Reports: The Vanguard, Neon Beach, Latitudes

Most people remember this building as one of the variations of Firestone.
Or more recently as Venue 578.
Well after more than 3 years of construction and renovation, this famed structure reopened last night under their new name, The Vanguard.
The entrance is where it always has been and brings you into their small lobby where a U-turn to your right brings you into the club. You’re now immediately greeted by a bar up against the building’s front wall.
A low ceiling at the entrance holds a bottle service overlook above it.
The bathrooms are still immediately to your left. We did not check them out but back in the day they were not for the faint-of-heart.
We arrived to a Trance set from DJ Luccio (USA). The main stage is now along the western wall where the VIP bar used to be housed.
We had seen Luccio in October at Celine when he opened for DJ Markus Schulz (D).
Facing the new stage and looking up to the left is the former glassed-in room known as The Loft (where DJ’s occasionally played) is now an overlook area open to all guests.
On the other side, which is basically where the stage used to be, is another overlook area that is for VIP ticketholders only.
DJ’s used to play outside here on The Terrace and this is still here but much more open and inviting than it used to be.
Inside, The Den is no longer a separate room since it connects directly to the main room. We saw many-a-DJ play in here too. This was originally the office and waiting room for the Firestone tire dealership & Texaco gas station that once occupied the building back in history.
From The Den, stairs still bring you up here.
For great views of the crowd below! Capacity last night was capped at 50%.
Up here you’ll find a large bar for all patrons.
As well as a less-crowded VIP-only bar.
Firestone‘s former “Green Room” is up here too although I’m told there is a new area downstairs for the DJ’s to chill before performing.
There is a large outdoor balcony overlooking Concord Street.
Looking down below towards The Terrace.
Spotted in VIP: Jeremy with friend.
Spotted on the VIP overlook: Jose & Shannon
Spotted upstairs: DJ Robb Blak (USA) who had opened the show, DJ Suzy Solar (USA) who had played right before Luccio and DJ Brian Benning (USA).
And then it was time for the evening’s headliner!
DJ Stefan Bossems better known as Cosmic Gate (D).
The crowd roared!
Cosmic Gate is usually a DJ duo but we’re told that Claus Terhöven is still over in Germany and it was not practical to come in due to covid19. Bossems lives in Miami.
Mask compliance was about 50%.
Looking from the stage back towards the upstairs bottle-service balcony.
The renovations are impressive. So great to have this famous venue back open again!
Neon Beach is a new bar and restaurant located along Orange Avenue in the block just north of Washington Street.
Located in a storefront next to Wells Fargo Bank, we visited last month and were told they would soon have DJ’s on Saturday nights.
DJ booth was over in the corner.
The DJ was playing Techno.
Curious music choice for an opening night.
The bar was busy.
And there was a growing contingent along the dance floor. Right now downtown crowds kind of end at Washington Street where Saddle Up resides but places like Neon Beach, a new liquor store and a snack shop have the potential to stretch the scene yet another block north.
On to Latitudes for DJ Jimmy Joslin’s annual birthday PARTY!
We arrived to find DJ Evolv3 (USA) in the booth.
An early breaker!
Breaks all night long!
The bar stayed extremely busy! 3 for 1 drinks might be why!
As a rooftop venue, at Latitudes you’re “dancing with the stars”.
No where near as chilly as Friday night, heater flames nonetheless kept the area warm.
Their rooftop is expansive and people were all over the place.
DJ Ofay (USA) taking over later.
Dance floor was wherever you wanted it to be.
He had everyone bouncing!
The DJ’s were playing from this improvised booth on the balcony overlook. Lasers and lights were added by DJ Mynd (USA) and the booming sound from DJ John Campisano (USA).
Largest crowd I’ve seen at Latitudes in years!
The birthday boy himself DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) closing out the night!
Dance floor view from the booth.
Spotted break-stepping: Amelia
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Berto (USA) with the DJ Berto Fan Club.
Spotted by the bar: FRONT: DJ Amygurl (USA) REAR: Gregory, Brian & DJ Afrodisiax (USA).
Spotted in VIP: Jody Marie, Brandy & Stacey
Spotted on the dance floor: Afrodisiax with DJ Nelly Fre$h (USA).
Happy Birthday, Jimmy!
A great night everywhere. A good time was had by all.