Club Reports: M Bar, Oasis On The River, Gilt Concert Venue

Not to be confused with Ember, M Bar is a venue on Orange Avenue just south of Princeton Street.
There’s no DJ, just recorded music and occasionally a live musician, and it’s jammed with classic cars!
You can get a drink and then wander the showroom to tour the vehicles at no charge.
There is also an outdoor rooftop bar called M Lounge which we did not visit last night. Check them out!
Oasis On The River is located in Sanford overlooking the St. Johns River.
With chilly temps in the mid-50’s upon arrival, I did not expect to find a crowd on the dance floor like this!
Generated by DJ Beni Hill (USA).
These monthly shindigs dedicated to mostly Breaks!
And this December edition was loaded with DJ talent!
DJ Solstice (USA) had opened the night earlier and DJ Gamma (USA) took over just before 11PM.
The dance floor stayed busy all evening!
Gamma’s awesome set was more House or Bass House while including a mixture of required Breaks.
Spotted in VIP: World Famous Shawn Fenn.
Oasis has an outdoor bar which stayed busy but nothing like on a hot summer night.
Guests were invited to bring a toy for charity and they delivered!
Oasis is the only club in town with this impressive view of the river and the FPL power plant!
They also have a pool which did not see a lot of use last night at 51F°. We’ll check it out next July though!
Spotted by that pool: DJ Timebomb (USA) with Michelle and Amy.
Spotted posing: Michelle and Elaina
Spotted smiling: Elaina with DJ Amygurl (USA)
Spotted by the stage: DJ Amygurl and Gregory
Spotted delivering his new book: Author Patrick Scott Barnes (USA). The connoisseur of Orlando nightlife, his new book “Night Club Womenz” has just been released!
Spotted breaking: Break-A-Dawn
Spotted dressed for winter: Lynn
Spotted hugging: Brandy and Rhianne
First time in years seeing DJ Soul (USA)!
Fog rolling in off the St. Johns River gave an eerie quality to the dance floor!
His set had everyone bouncing!
He was doing some scratching too!
Spotted by the bar: OB and DJ Mark Sanchez (USA).
Spotted poolside: Amanda with DJ Evan Gamble Lewis (USA)
Spotted by the booth: DJ Phin (USA) & DJ Gamma joined by Elaina & Amygurl.
Set change just before 1AM with DJ Eneek (USA) taking over.
Haven’t seen Eneek in a few years either.
A little chilly but not bad and so great to see so many familiar faces!
A good time was had by all.
Time for one more stop. Gilt Nightclub is now Gilt Concert Venue.
Recently scolded pretty hard by Orange County for their alleged lack of covid19 safety protocols, the DJ booth is now surrounded by plexiglass and wearing masks inside is mandatory!
Made it really difficult to take pics of DJ Seth Troxler (USA).
Enforcers were walking around trying to enforce the mask-wearing but it was a difficult chore more successful up by the booth than out here in the boonies.
But wow, what a set!
First time seeing Seth Troxler and he did not disappoint.
There was House, there was Tech House…..
And the last half hour was dominated by Nu-Disco with that 70’s vibe! Big thanks to Russ from HTG for the professional courtesies!
He closed with a rousing Gospel House version of “That’s How The Good Lord Works” which had the crowd in an absolute frenzy! It was like watching the old TV program “Jubilee Showcase”. WOW!
It’s an understatement to say but say it we must, a good time was had by all.