Lukas Graham – House of Blues Orlando – January 9 2017 – 7pm


(courtesy house of blues)

From a small, carefree community in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark, Lukas Graham and his friends, Mark “Lovestick” Falgren on drums, Kasper Daugaard on keys, and Magnus “Magnum” Larsson on bass, formed the band with a combination of funky pop and R&B stylings. Graham’s soulful vocals and honest lyrics made him a household name beyond his home country of Denmark. His songs recount tales of family strife, poor decisions and the celebration of life, which are all intertwined with his years spent living in Christiania.

Despite a less-privileged childhood, his parents remained strong role models and much of that love is reflected in his heartfelt songs, like “Mama Said,” “7 Years,” and “Moving Alone.” In early 2012, he released his first album, a self-titled effort that included “Drunk in the Morning,” which went on to become a hit throughout Europe. Once they received more international exposure, they were signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2013. Now, the stories Lukas Graham tells through his music have the potential to make a difference to a wider global audience.

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