Concert Report: Rewind (Ace Cafe)

Back to Ace Cafe one more time for another amazing event on their outdoor lawn. Saturday night in Orlando and here for “<<REWIND”.
The outdoor bar was well-stocked so there was no need to go inside.
There were even a couple of merchandise vendors.
And Dawn was guarding the entrance to make sure no one snuck in!
The festivities began at 5PM with DJ Swagkerr (USA).
Just a few early souls on the Ace lawn.
Spotted in the drink line: Benjamin Brown, DJ Solstice, DJ Spark-D, World Famous Shawn Fenn, DJ Phin & DJ Gamma.
Overlooked by some of Orlando’s downtown highrises.
The night dedicated to Breaks!
During Swagkerr’s set, daytime turned into night.
Around 6:30PM, DJ Spark-D (USA) taking control.
A few more people occupied the lawn.
The evening’s narration provided by MC Shaggy (USA).
Lots of Old Skool in his set.
Which was pumped up LOUD!
Many Orlando-based DJ’s came out to support the show last night such as DJ Mynd (USA).
Victor joining with DJ Magic Mike (USA).
DJ Shaggy (USA) & DJ Afrodisiax (USA)
DJ Celestial (USA)
DJ Heather Collins (USA) flanked by DJ duo Storm & Johnny Dangerously aka Brothers of Funk (USA).
There were a couple of scratches on last night’s race card and one of those slots was filled by DJ G-Force (USA).
Giving us the old favorite “Like A G6“.
Steady line to get into the show.
Spotted breaking: Solo
Spotted on the lawn: Steve
A lot of us were observing the lasers bouncing off buildings in the Orlando CBD a mile away! Here, they were seen bouncing off passing AMTRAK 92 the Silver Star headed overnight from Orlando to Washington DC (Union Station).
DJ Losman (USA) taking over next!
People were finally dancing!
As the crowd slowly built.
I had to pause as I heard the wonderful classic “Sweet Harmony“.
Spotted chilling: りノムノイムレ りのイ with DJ Ernesto Cabot (USA).
Spotted bouncing to the music: Corey
Spotted on the dance floor: Jamie with friend.
The event now back on schedule. If it’s 8PM, this must be DJ Tooltime (USA).
On this beautiful Orlando late November evening, the weather perfect for social distancing.
Everyone was in a great mood!
There’s no school like the Old School.
Spotted in the Tech booth: Shaun Kerr
It was already 9PM and time for DJ Mark Sanchez (USA).
This brick area near the front of the Ace lawn always keeps the crowd back, although we did see it get jammed for the Paul Oakenfold (GB) concert two weeks earlier.
Some of Orlando’s best breakers were out last night!
So many late 90’s / early 00’s hits were Breaks.
There was room for blankets and lawn chairs.
Surrounded by World Famous Shawn Fenn & Spark-D, there he was…..
DJ Santana (USA)
His set had everyone bouncing!
Some people were finally moving closer.
His set completely reminded me of old Orlando radio station 95.3PARTY (aka WPYO) which back around the turn of the century followed a Dance Top 40 format.
And then suddenly and without notice, Go Go girls arrived!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Spotted in VIP.
Spotted on the dance floor: Tanyia & Brandy
Spotted on the lawn: FRONT: Tracy REAR: Jennifer, Stacey, Elaina & Brandy
Spotted on the dance floor: Break-A-Dawn and friend.
Tag team legend set at 11PM: DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) vs DJ KJ of K5 (USA).
Of course KJ did his biggest hit “Passion” while JJ blew out the power grid with a version of “In The Beginning (There Was Jack)“.
Spotted playing with whips, chains & balls: Madeline & Shannon
Meanwhile inside Ace Cafe, did I mention you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
The midnight hour arrived and so did DJ X (USA).
Good crowd at the club!
I think this was my first time seeing him since he played on exactly the same date in 2013 at Firestone for “Return of the Kings”. Link.
Belting out another favorite of mine, “Stay In Love“! WOW!
Spotted bouncing: Jim
Spotted in the booth: DJ Mark Sanchez with friend.
Spotted in VIP: Shannon with DJ Magic Mike, DJ Tooltime & DJ Losman.
Spotted: DJ Si-Dog (USA) with friend.
(Insert name) with Brian and DJ Amygurl (USA).
After 8 hours of already-great music, the show’s biggest headliner arrived: DJ Infiniti (USA). He wasted no time getting started!
1AM and no one was leaving!
Breaks / Electro / Old Skool! We had last seen him play in 2016 at Gilt as seen here.
If you haven’t been to a concert yet on the Ace Cafe lawn, you need to come check it out!
<<Rewind was amazing! More great shows coming to Ace Cafe in the months ahead so stay tuned. A good time was had by all.