Club Reports: Chillers, Latitudes, Motorworks Brewing, Jungle Room, Independent Bar, Iron Cow

It was a cold night last February when we last visited Chillers and Latitudes, part of the Church Street Bars complex.
Last night resident DJ Troy (USA) was playing Hip Hop and Top 40 hits.
The booths that used to occupy this space along the wall have been removed since our last visit to give patrons more space for social distancing.
Then as now, you can’t beat alcoholic Slurpee‘s with names like Purple Orgasm, Viagra and Happy Ending!
One flight up is Cahoots (formerly Beer Belly Brewery) and above that the stairs bring you to the rooftop that is Latitudes.
Resident DJ Scott (USA) from radio station 101.1 WJRR was in the booth playing Top 40.
Overlooking Church Street, Latitudes is a pleasant rooftop venue. You just never know when some dancing will break out such as those two girls twerking in the lower middle lol.
The bar was already active too and it was still early.
Friday night we checked out a new venue on Orange Avenue called Neon Beach which we mentioned was adjacent Wells Fargo Bank. Just to the north of that same bank is another new venue called Motorworks Brewing.
The place is jammed full of monitors to watch your favorite teams play!
Motorworks features at least 2 dozen beers on tap and they also have a full liquor bar. The place was pretty empty last night. Their challenge will be to get noticed since they’re north of Washington Street which is kind of the dividing line of where people will walk seeking nightlife options.
You have to go into The Patio if you want to find the hidden Jungle Room.
DJ Geebo (USA) and DJ Dan-e Crane (USA) were alternating playing Hip Hop.
This place is usually crowded (Link) but not so last night during our visit.
You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, we’re going to visit I-Bar.
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John (USA) in the booth!
The Saturday night music format is 80’s New Wave!
Spotted in VIP!
Everybody loves the 80’s!
Moving away from downtown and over into Orlando’s “Milk District”. It’s home to several bars, clubs, shops and restaurants.
It’s so named because it’s across the street from the T.G. Lee Dairy plant.
And this is where you’ll find the Iron Cow.
Here we found DJ Kevin Ferhati (USA) playing Techno.
The Cow wasn’t crowded but it was hardly empty either.
He ventured a couple times into vocal Tech House.
First time seeing this Newark-based DJ and he was impressive!
Around 1:40AM, DJ duo Volkmann & Engels (D) came on and they continued with what they’re best known for: Techno.
The music was booming and they had everyone bouncing!
I felt like I was at Berghain in Berlin!
We had just seen them play one week earlier when they opened for Paul Oakenfold (GB) at Ace Cafe.
Great music and a good time was had by all.