Concert Report: DJ Paul Oakenfold (Ace Cafe)

The last few years we’ve seen Ace Cafe become the home of some amazing indoor DJ concerts such as The Gemini Party, Devotion and Planet of the Drums. This year, under the circumstances we’re all living through right now, Ace has become the place for socially distanced outdoor concerts!
Last night the line to get into this special presentation from GMF Events.
Gator Sound & Lighting in the house!
Arrived to find DJ Dave Gluskin (USA) already playing.
I would describe his set last night as mostly Progressive House and Techno.
Taking place outdoors on the Ace Cafe lawn, there was already a hundred people here for the opening set!
The seating areas on the side stayed popular all night.
We had seen Dave Gluskin doing a mostly Breaks set last year at EDC-Orlando Day 3. Link.
9PM came about all too quick and DJ duo Volkman & Engels (D) came on!
People continued to stream onto the grounds.
First time seeing them play!
Their set bridged Techno and Trance.
Spotted two nights in a row!: Elaina, Brandy & Jennifer
Spotted on the lawn: Lydia Eden, Becky & Brian
Spotted on the lawn: Newlyweds Bob & Aimee
Spotted comparing their…….notes: Aimee & Athena
There may be no comparable concert ambiance in Orlando. On the Ace Cafe lawn, you’re dancing beneath the city skyline!
Right under the skyscrapers!
Another great set from these two!
Up next, DJ Carlos Mendoza (EC/USA).
Crowd was really filling-in now during Carlos’ set.
Which he described to me as being mostly Melodic Techno.
Scene chicks!
Spotted wearing slightly distressed jeans: Kelly
Spotted striking a pose: DJ Sandra Cruz (USA) with friends.
Spotted in their own social circle: Lorrie, Louis, Lanie & Heath
Spotted on the grass: OB with friends.
Sometimes the music is so good you just roll on the ground.
Spotted: DJ Rob (USA) with friends.
Spotted by the entrance: DJ Elias Efocus White (USA), DJ Joey Blanco (USA) & DJ Berto (USA)
If you see this: OPD found your cell phone. Call the Sgt at (407) 949-4850 to claim it.
Up into the Ace Cafe not-so-green Green Room.
DJ Paul Oakenfold (GB) flanked by DJ Vitamin C (USA) & DJ Pedro Vazquez (USA).
Dance singer Ezmay spotted with Shannon.
Vitamin C with Ezmay. Oakenfold would play her upcoming single “Rise Up” during his set. The song will be released in January and it’s good!
OK, back outside at midnight!
There he is! The legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold (GB).
I give a lot of credit to Oakenfold for being one of the people responsible for the resurgence of electronic dance music in the United States. When he signed a residency at The Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, it was so successful that it forced all the other major casinos to open dance clubs and sign DJ’s to contracts.
Oakenfold was in amazing form last night and delivered us an assortment of Classic Dance hits such as Darude’s (FIN) “Sandstorm“, Rui da Silva’s (P) “Touch Me“, Morten (DK)/David Guetta (F) Trance hit “Make It To Heaven” and some of his own such as “Southern Sun“.
Big crowd on hand but enough gaps between groups that you could safely move about.
His amazing set bounced through Techno, Trance and EDM.
With California closed, Vegas closed, Chicago closed, NYC closed, Orlando is at the center of the DJ universe right now which is why we continue to see so many great shows!
Spotted by the bar: World Famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted looking cool: Jen
Spotted: Tanyia & Lynn
Spotted: Pam & Frank
Spotted at the bar: Anthony & DJ Swag Kerr (USA)
Also spotted: Swag Kerr with friend.
The room lit up when these two walked in: Katey with DJ Berto (USA)
Spotted at the railing: Michael & Cheryl
Spotted in VIP: DJ Mark Sanchez (USA) & Promoter Luis Evans with their main squeezes.
Spotted: The only person who goes to more events than me: Jim
Spotted aft: The legendary DJ Security (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Erick & Donna
Paul Oakenfold was finishing his set and we found DJ Suzy Solar (USA) with DJ Brian Benning (USA) in the on deck circle.
Suzy would take over at 1:30AM to close out the night!
A few departed but most stuck around for the final hour!
Suzy’s Trance set was fast and loud!
What a night! I’m told that many more great DJ shows are coming to Ace Cafe over the coming months so stay tuned. A good time was had by all.