Concert Report: Sandi Drops An F-Bomb (Ace Cafe)

Ace was the place last night as it played host to the “Sandi Drops an F-Bomb” concert featuring some of Orlando’s best DJ’s!
While a car show was taking place out in the Ace Cafe parking lot, the concert was taking place along side the building on their outdoor patio!
We arrived around 7:30PM to find DJ Springer (USA) on the decks which were positioned on the patio directly against the building.
Just a few early arrivals enjoying the cool evening breeze.
Thee night dedicated to Thee Grotto’s Sandi, celebrating the F-Bomb: Fifty!
Great Breaks set included one of my favorites, “Stay In Love“!
The bar stayed busy all night.
First time seeing DJ 420 (USA).
Still pretty empty this early…..
A few brave souls were slowly getting on the dance floor!
Some tunes in his set included a Breaks version of “Busy Child” and a “When Doves Cry” mashup. Impressive!
And THAT’s how you start a party!
Spotted along the railing: Brandy
Spotted by the booth: Jennifer
Spotted on the dance floor: Brandy & Jennifer
Spotted by the bar: Brandy with Elaina
Spotted showing his new sign: DJ Tooltime (USA)
Spotted by the bar: Ace Cafe supervisor Hector
Spotted by the bar: Newlyweds! Bob & Aimee
Ace Cafe has an amazing downtown skyline view!
In the 9PM time slot, DJ Jeffee (USA).
Playing off vinyl only, his super fast-paced DnB set had him flying back and forth between the two decks positioned on opposite sides of the table!
The crowd was building.
And they were really getting into his set that sounded like listening to old Orlando radio station 95.3Party!
A legend from Orlando’s early dance scene, I first encountered DJ Jeffee at Thee Grotto‘s second reincarnation back in 2013 here.
Jeffee’s set was a sight to behold!
Up next, DJ Davie-D (USA).
The parking lot was now jammed; the dance floor was now jammed!
So many Top 40 songs from the late-90’s and early 00’s were Breaks!
And he went mostly Old Skool on us with songs like “Use Your Love” & “Not In Love”.
Davie-D had everyone bouncing!
Dance singer Ashley Anderson (USA) with Blog-favorite Renee.
Donia and Renee.
Spotted on the stairs: DJ Mynd (USA)
Spotted by the bar: DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) & DJ Playgurl (USA)
Spotted at the bar: DJ Jimmy Joslin & DJ Amygurl (USA)
Spotted at the bar: Mike with DJ Evolv3 (USA) & DJ Tooltime.
Spotted by the booth: DJ duo Justin Rossilini aka JuzlOtym & Heather Collins (both USA).
Davie-D posing with his beautiful niece!
DJ Playgurl (USA) up next!
Crowd finally dancing next to the booth instead of away from it!
Her set was also all-vinyl.
Did we mention the downtown skyline? This grassy field will be the site of tonight’s concert featuring world famous DJ Paul Oakenfold (GB). What a setting and you need to be here!
Spotted on the grass field social distancing: Pleasure Islander Dawn.
Last night’s narration was provided by MC Shaggy (USA).
And then the surprise of the night, a short segment of live vocals provided by Ashley Anderson.
OMG, near tears to my eyes as she sang the final song ever played at Mannequins, “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)“.
And then the birthday song for the birthday girl!
DJ Tooltime closing out this segment.
While Shawn Kerr (USA) was working the tech booth.
At the stroke of midnight, the legendary DJ Rob-E (USA) taking control of the club!
And the dance floor got packed!
More Old Skool.
Because the peeps want Old Skool!
Yes they do!
Spotted by the booth: Amanda
More DJ’s than you can shake a stick at: DJ Heather Collins, DJ Dave Gluskin (USA) who opens for Paul Oakenfold tonight, DJ Losman (USA) & Rob-E.
Spotted at the bar: Stacey & Chris
Spotted on the dance floor: Madeline
Spotted breaking things up: Chris T.
Soon it was 1AM and we were into the final set: DJ Sandy (USA)
Delivering us parts of Classic Dance songs such as “2 Bad Mice“, “Egyptian Lover” & “Jay and Jane“.
Although a veteran of Orlando’s clubs for decades, I became familiar with him from his long residency at House of Blues SIN.
(You Are) The One.
Don’t forget, tonight the legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold (GB) is performing right here at Ace Cafe and OEN will have full coverage. And on November 28th, another Old Skool hit parade with Infinity (USA), Mark Sanchez (USA), DJ X (USA), DJ duo K5 and more!
It was an amazing night last night and a good time was had by all.