Club Reports: Independent Bar, Elixir Bar, Treehouse, Attic Nightclub, The Patio, Aero Bar

You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, I’m going to stop by I-Bar.
DJ Mickey (USA) in the booth delivering the 80’s.
Moderate size crowd on hand during my visit.
I noticed that the 80’s songs being played last night are the same 80’s songs they were playing when I first started coming to Independent Bar in the post-Pleasure Island era. I’m told no one is apparently making new 80’s songs!
Always a great place to begin the evening!
Across Washington Street from I-Bar is Elixir Bar.
The main stage had relocated to the street side of their outdoor patio this past summer but the much-larger stage is back at the opposite end now where it belongs!
Saturday night resident DJ Chino (USA) was pumping out House music!
Plenty of social distancing going on!
DJ Chino is also the Friday night resident DJ at The Groove in CityWalk but that club complex has no estimated date of reopening.
The peeps want House music!
It’s been awhile since we’ve visited the Treehouse.
First you climb the stairs and go up into the tree.
No DJ here and last night the music from the adjoining Attic Nightclub was being pumped in here.
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink or shot and then chilling picnic-style on the grass floor!
Always a great vibe in here; everyone is happy!
As we mentioned, Attic Nightclub is right next door.
DJ Jeff Retro (USA) usually plays here once per year.
He was hard to capture in the Attic‘s perennial fog.
When Las Vegas clubs are open, Jeff Retro is a resident DJ at Hakkasan in the MGM Grand and at Omnia at Caesar’s Palace.
Like in Vegas, his set last night was all EDM hits and as you can see, packed!
When a club such as The Patio has the audacity to claim that there’s “always a party” there, verification is needed. We verified that Friday night and there was no way they could know we’d return the very next night to verify it again!
Resident DJ Parry (USA) was in the booth as expected.
The music is a fast-paced mix of Top 40 hits old and new.
Dance floor was jammed as bubbles floated by.
Followed by a snow storm!
Everyone was having a great time!
OK, we verified it two nights in a row. There really IS always a party at The Patio.
Upstairs from The Patio is Aero Bar.
Saturday night resident DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) playing mostly EDM.
Two nights in a row that we saw the dance floor packed here too! The peeps want House music!
The lasers were flying.
And a good time was had by all.