Club Reports: Ace Cafe, Boo! Orlando (Day 2), Orange Avenue, Independent Bar, Elixir Bar, The Patio, Aero Bar

What a long evening! Saturday night began at Ace Cafe.
DJ Mike (USA) was on the outdoor patio playing Classic Dance as a crowd was building for a Jeep show.
But really I was just here for the wings!
Now back over to the parking lot of The Vanguard (formerly Venue 578/formerly Firestone) for Day 2 of the Boo! Orlando DJ festival.
Arriving shortly after it opened, there were far fewer people already here than Friday night.
Local favorite DJ Sloth (USA) was the opener.
In 2018 he played Day 2 of EDC-Orlando and we also spotted him at Gilt that year opening for DJ Morgan Page (USA).
His set last night was completely Dubstep and Heavy Bass.
Spotted on the dance floor: Slothaholics
Day quickly turned into night during a set from DJ Schade (USA).
His set too was mostly Heavy Bass with a little bit of House and a little bit of Trap.
The headbangers were not disappointed last night!
Different food truck for Day 2 of Boo! Orlando.
Being it was Halloween, plenty of costumes including this adorable kitty!
Some Melbourne Shuffle going on!
While there was not 100% compliance, the peeps pretty much kept their masks on.
In the 8PM time slot, DJ Drezo (USA).
Someone described his set last night as very Industrial. It was definitely a hard beat House kind of vibe, far different from the EDM he played at Gilt in 2017.
I would estimate last night’s crowd at similar but perhaps slightly less than Friday night’s crowd.
And then something completely different! DJ Nitti Gritti (USA) opened by loudly announcing, “Carol Baskin killed her husband!” The crowd roared!
Dressed in a green sequin top and blonde wig, he looked completely different than when we met with him and DJ Chino (USA) last year upstairs in Camping World Stadium at EDC! Link.
And then at 10PM, time for the evening’s headliner!
The so-called Godfather of Persian House, DJ Valentino Khan (USA).
He’s known for his sense of humor, lol.
She’s everywhere! Saw her at Tail Break Rave, saw her at Outdoor Distanced 1.0.
Overall the crowd was rather subdued compared to Friday night but it was still a good show.
With midnight approaching, it was time to head over to Orange Avenue for the mayhem!
Besides NYE, Halloween is always the biggest night of the year!
It was hard to walk about the place. Clubs had long lines to get in and for one night only, you could take your drink with you outside.
Always plenty of clever costumes.
Some even amazing!
For safety, Orange Avenue was blocked from Jefferson to Church with no normally-allowed cross-traffic. OPD was out in force too, thank you!
You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, I’m going to stop by I-Bar.
Just as it should be on a Saturday night, DJ Indie John (USA) back in the perch!
Plenty of social distancing on the dance floor.
The Saturday night music format is 80’s New Wave / Alternative.
DJ KC Cut (USA) taking over around 12:40AM.
Lighting Tech Eddie Munster kept the club brilliantly lit.
Spotted in VIP: Jeff & Renee
Spotted on the dance floor: Evil Clowns!
Spotted on the dance floor: Ahh…Hooters girls?
Everybody loves the 80’s!
Traditional Halloween medley of “Monster Mash”, “Time Warp” and of course “Thriller”.
This guy on the stage led the crowd to his rendition of the “Thriller” dance!
Next stop Elixir Bar.
DJ Clubbers (BR) was in the booth playing House.
Like everywhere last night, packed!
The peeps want House music!
Elixir has a great outdoor patio for dancing but the inside was equally packed.
They allege that there’s “always a party” at The Patio. We occasionally drop by for verification purposes!
DJ Cliff T (USA) was in the booth alternating with DJ Parry (USA).
The Top 40 hits format had the dance floor jammed!
Have you heard that Cliff T and Kelley are recently engaged?!
OK OK! There really is always a party at The Patio!
2AM became 1AM as Daylight Savings Time ended and the bars got to remain open another hour! So upstairs we went from The Patio to Aero Bar.
DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) was pumping out EDM!
I’ve seen Aero crowded before but this was the largest crowd ever!
So much cuteness!
Of course we know “The Dom” from Mannequins on Pleasure Island. He also hosts a night dedicated to Techno on Sundays downstairs at The Patio. Yes, tonight!
Spotted in the corner!
The peeps want EDM!
That look you get from great Dance music! (The girl, not that guy in orange.)
The lasers were flying!
Spotted by the bar: DJ Marshmello (USA). We last saw the real Marshmello play in the Sirius/XM Music Lounge in South Beach back in 2017 here.
Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all.