Club Reports: Studio 27, The Office, Elixir Bar, The Social, Drunken Ape

Friday night in the city and we began our excursion at Studio 27 on Church Street for DJ Jimmy Joslin’s new Friday night residency.
Opening DJ Afrodisiax (USA) was in the booth playing Breaks.
The bar stayed busy but overall the club was kind of empty at this early hour. Just like predecessor Bar B, it will take awhile for this to catch on.
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) taking over later.
Spotted on the dance floor: Dorsey
There’s no school like the old skool. Each week they’ll have a different guest DJ(s) so come out and support this new event every Friday downtown!
Next Friday night Jimmy Joslin and Afrodisiax are joined by DJ Tooltime (USA), DJ Losman (USA) and DJ Swagkerr (USA). And the price is right…..FREE!
Next stop was The Office.
Located where club Stygma used to operate, there is still a tattoo parlor up front and it was busy last night.
DJ Alex Byrd (USA) was in the booth playing Hip Hop during our visit.
There was plenty of social distancing and everyone was wearing a mask.
This was always a great place to come after work because when your spouse or significant other called to inquire where the heck you were, you could honestly say you were still at The Office! Now that so many are working from home, not sure that works so well.
When downtown was shuttered most of the year due to covid19, Elixir Bar‘s status as a restaurant allowed them to be open and it was the only place downtown with a club atmosphere!
And on Friday nights this guy, DJ K1K0 (USA), led the music!
For the summer the DJ booth and dance floor were moved to the street end of their awesome outdoor patio but it’s now been returned to the opposite end where it belongs.
Spotted at the bar: Juliet & Denis
House music had everyone bouncing!
We try to cover all the clubs to keep you informed and it’s been a few years since we visited The Social.
DJ Frankie G (USA) on the decks playing Salsa.
The club was crowded even if the dance floor itself was not.
Spotted on the mezzanine: Denis and Juliet
The Social was always such a dive but it’s been renovated since our last visit and it’s looking really nice.
They renovated this back section to be able to offer food with a restaurant license (and thus reopen) but then the Florida law status changed and they’re using it as a bar.
As “underground” as you can get, the more-or-less unmarked Drunken Ape is located on Colonial Drive just east of OBT.
They don’t even open until midnight. Caught the end of a set from DJ Kris Kokopelli (USA) who was playing House and 70’s Disco, yes! Last night’s music was off vinyl.
The camera flash lit the room but it actually was completely dark with flashing lights. It revealed a small bar on the side and some VIP seating.
At 2AM DJ Jerry “The Reverend” Johnson (USA) took over, spinning some Acid House.
A good time was had by all.