Club Reports: Celine, SHADE @ Ace Cafe

Dance club Celine has had an amazing array of world class DJ’s coming through since Florida “reopened” for bars and clubs. This was true last night with even more coming!
DJ Luccio (USA) was on the main stage when we arrived.
That look you get from great Trance!
Dance floor was full, there were no masks. There was no room for social distancing.
That look you get from great Trance!
And then promptly at 12:30AM, there he was!
DJ Markus Schulz (D/USA)
His set a mix of new and classics, a mix of vocal and non-vocal Trance.
Over the years we’ve seen Markus Schulz numerous times and he never disappoints.
The lasers were flying!
We actually had begun the night at Ace Cafe.
For “SHADE” ft. DJ Carlos Mendoza (EC/USA).
It opened at 9PM and upon arrival around 9:30PM there were already over 50 people inside the grounds and a line outside waiting to get in!
DJ Zurrenda (USA) was in the booth when I finally made it over there.
For this show the stage was placed on the raised patio adjacent the Ace Cafe building rather than at the opposite end as we saw for Outdoor Distanced 1.0 a couple weeks prior.
Already a crowd building out there on the Ace lawn.
First time seeing Zurrenda play and his mix of both vocal and non-vocal Techno was awesome!
Over on the side of an adjacent skyscraper cooling tower, a projection of the SHADE logo!
Under the Orlando skyline on a night with clear skies and a cooling breeze, what a great setting!
Up next another great Techno set from DJ duo Matthias & JC.
First time seeing them play as well.
Outdoors and spread-out.
They had the peeps bouncing!
That look you get from great Techno!
People finally beginning to migrate forward towards the booth!
Spotted in the lighting tech booth: DJ Dominick Morrison (USA)
Spotted in VIP: DJ’s Dave Gluskin, Rob E, Mauricio & Kris Klutch (all USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: Jose & Christa
And then the headliner: DJ Carlos Mendoza (EC/USA)
He would go on to play a set…..
… described as “mesmerizing”!
His work recognized by Insomniac the past few years with main stage sets at Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando as seen here.
Wow, way beyond expectations! A good time was had by all.