Club Reports: Vinyl Cafe, Studio 27, Room 22, Independent Bar, Elixir Bar

It’s been awhile since we’ve had the ability to club hop in downtown Orlando since so few venues were open for business. That’s no longer the case so around the town we went beginning at Vinyl Cafe.
The booth has been moved from the front room to the rear of the small club and the DJ was dishing out House music!
There was a nice crowd in the venue. I stopped by for a cone full of hot Dutch-style frites to begin the evening!
If you haven’t been in awhile, come check it out!
Studio 27 is located on Church Street where Native Social Bar and Makos before that were located.
DJ Caio Hara (BR) was on the controls during our visit.
They opened more than a year ago but covid-19 closures set their progress back by nearly 9 months. During that time a lot of renovations were done and the place is looking great!
Saturday nights are Brazil nights.
But the music was straight-up House and their sound system really booms!
You’ll remember the huge “Be Native” sign that used to adorn that wall here.
And DJ’s now spin from the mezzanine level that used to be home to one of Native‘s bars.
It was House music only during our visit but we’re told that later House is mixed with Top 40 and Brazilian hits. It was impressive and we’ll be checking it out again soon!
Another club with a number is their name is Room 22 on Orange Avenue.
DJ Justin (USA) was playing Hip Hop.
As is often typical for Hip Hop clubs, no dance floor per se and patrons kind of just dance where they’re standing.
Room 22 is located where Vintage Lounge used to operate.
About once every hour you get a Coyote Ugly style “review” up on the bar by some of their waitresses. No one else downtown is doing that.
You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, we’re going to want to visit Independent Bar!
DJ Mickey (USA) was in the booth along with Lighting Tech Ernie.
The Saturday night music format is 80’s New Wave.
They still have a couple tables on the dance floor to create some social distancing.
DJ KC Cut (USA) took over after 12:30AM. He’ll be announcing soon whether there will be an AAHZ Reunion this year. We sure hope so, after all everyone has been through!
Everybody loves the 80’s!
We would never have survived this past summer were it not for Elixir Bar!
Friday night resident DJ K1K0 (USA) was working the Saturday night shift.
Their famous outside patio was crowded but not packed.
Their outside bar has had a roof constructed over it since our last visit.
House music all night long!
A good time was had by all.