Concert Report: Outdoor Distanced 1.0

Ace Cafe has become one of the leading concert venues in Orlando!
Sunday afternoon and evening their bocce ball lawn became home to the first edition of the “Outdoor Distanced” concert series. Designed by Vizion 1 to keep groups of friends in socially distanced “pods” for safety while delivering a full electronic music concert experience!
The event ran from 4PM to 10PM which is perfect for a Sunday event since many people work on Monday mornings. DJ Dity (USA) was on stage to kick-off the event.
Just a hand full of people here for the beginning.
DJ Dity is the Friday/Saturday night resident DJ at Monkey Bar.
Up next was DJ Skylar Williams (USA).
I loved how everyone’s sets were just 45-60 minutes. Really kept the pace fast!
Lighting and sound provided by one of the best in the business, Gainesville’s Gator Sound.
Over the years we’ve seen Skylar play at clubs such as Celine, Elixir and Vinyl Arts Bar.
A steady stream of patrons were coming into the event.
I was concerned I-4 to the south of the grounds would make unwanted noise.
I was concerned that these cooling towers to the north of the grounds would also make unwanted noise. Nope…..once the music cranked-up there was no hearing either of them!
Nice view of the set-up. At the upper left an outdoor bar tent provided quick drink service.
Skylar would also transition us from just non-Vocal House to Vocal House.
Close to 6PM and a tag team set from DJ David Velasquez (USA) and Dayz Without (USA).
House music all day long!
While rain was originally in the forecast for late Sunday, the threat mysteriously disappeared and the concert stayed dry the entire time under overcast skies.
First time seeing either of these guys play. Great stuff!
Everyone having a good time!
Spotted on the Ace Cafe deck: Tara
Spotted in VIP: Joel & Jose
Spotted on the grounds: Stacey & Pamela
Spotted post-sets: DJ Skylar & DJ Dity
One of our favorites from the local scene, DJ Elias R (USA).
The crowd was starting to fill-in!
The peeps want House music!
Over the years we’ve seen Elias R open for DJ’s such as Coyu (E), Saeed Younan (IRQ/USA) and Cocodrills (USA).
Suddenly and without warning, day turned into night!
DJ Leyva (USA) taking over the brightly lit stage.
Under the Orlando skyline, an amazing setting!
You got to check this place out!
Leyva is based in Miami.
Spotted on the dance floor: Jose, Pam, Stacey & Joel
Spotted in the dark: DJ Afrodisiax (USA) and Promoter Pete Manos
Spotted near the stage: Jaime Anne with DJ Dose (USA)
Spotted at the barrier: Jeffery Segers from WKMG-TV Orlando with family.
And then there he was, the evening’s headliner: DJ Boris (RUS/USA)
A long time resident of club Pacha in New York, he began his set with House but migrated over into Tech House.
He had the crowd bouncing!
It never got super-crowded but not bad for a first event on a day rain had been predicted.
Boris makes regular visits to Orlando but in checking my archives, this was the first time seeing him!
That look you get listening to great House music!
We’ll let you know when they announce their next event!
A good time was had by all.