Club Report: Oasis On The River (Sanford)

Oasis on the River has become the Orlando area’s Home of Breaks this year but the venue is hard to find. Look for this “Port of Sanford” sign and then follow the road back to the St. Johns River.
Even though it was a drizzly Saturday night, I walked in to find a large crowd had already gathered!
The famous DJ Chronic (USA) was playing upon arrival.
Their pool is inviting on hot August nights…..but last night, not so much.
Breaks and Old School Breaks!
First time seeing DJ Chronic play since “The Gemini Party” in 2019 at Ace Cafe here.
Next up during my visit was DJ Berto (USA).
Dance floor got pretty crowded!
He had everyone bouncing!
Spotted by the booth: Jim
Spotted on the dance floor: Pam
Spotted twirling glow sticks: Athena
Spotted by the bar: Athena and DJ Andrez (USA)
Spotted break dancing: Break-a-Dawn
Spotted having flown in from Milwaukee to hear some Breaks: Heather and Ryan
Spotted visiting: Elmo & Katey
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Scotty Fraser (USA) and Keara
Spotted being himself: DJ Sisco (USA)
Spotted having drinks: Christina and DJ J-Dub (USA)
The Oasis outside bar stayed very busy!
DJ Berto also going Old Skool on us! Many late 90’s and early 00’s hits were Breaks.
Unfortunately I had arrived too late to see opening DJ’s Amygurl (USA) and Spark-D (USA) play and had to leave too soon to see DJ’s 21Paths (USA) and J-Dub (USA) play. Always a great vibe at Oasis on the River where you’ll find great Breaks at least 1X per month! The drizzle never really stopped but it was one of those mists where no one really got wet.
A good time was had by all.