Club Reports: Grumpy’s Underground, Wall Street Cantina, Celine

Located in a nondescript building on Mills Avenue, Grumpy’s Underground packs a lot of sound into a small venue!
We arrived to find DJ Solstice (USA) on the club’s small stage.
While there wasn’t a lot of action on their dance floor, their bar stayed busy.
With cool visual effects keeping things interesting!
The music Breaks and Bass!
Spotted in the club: DJ Phin (USA) and DJ Gamma (USA)
Spotted at the bar: Tracy and Chris
DJ Gamma taking over around 11PM and continuing the theme.
Delivering that music that makes you want to bounce!
Nothing like Old Skool Breaks!
Next stop the heart of downtown and Wall Street Cantina.
Great to see DJ Mynd (USA) in the booth and back in action!
With the sudden change in the Florida law yesterday lifting capacity restrictions and mask requirements, Wall Street Plaza venues Hooch, Shine, Hen House, Other Bar and the Cantina were reopened. Waitiki and Monkey Bar remained closed last night.
None of the venues looked very busy but they didn’t advertise their reopening.
The music Top 40 old and new!
Friday night at Celine means electronic dance music!
The previously-required tables that occupied the dance floor last weekend are gone and the floor reverted to what it was designed for…..dancing! DJ duo City Boys (USA) were playing House and Electrohouse when we got there.
And the floor was already active!
House music all night long!
City Boys (USA)
Up on the rooftop, more great House from DJ’s Bae-Toven and Flashdrive (USA).
Many of the tables remain but the requirement to stay seated at them no longer exists.
Celine‘s rooftop is always a great place to hang-out!
First time seeing these guys!
OK, back downstairs in the main room!
For DJ duo Yokai (USA).
A lot of people came down from the rooftop to see them when they came on!
And the dance floor got full. And interesting.
Spotted in VIP: Shaun Kerr of Fully Loaded Entertainment and DJ Nelly FRE$H (USA).
Nelson busting some moves!
Laser Vision was in the house putting up amazing visuals! There were green lasers.
And white lasers!
And red lasers!
And blue lasers!
And red lasers with blue outlines! Wow!
Yokai is made up of DJ’s Justin Savoie and TJ “Yokai” Wiler.
Over the years we’ve seen them open here for huge DJ acts such as Dada Life (S), Shiba San (F) and Benny Benassi (I) but this was the first time they were the headliners!
Good turnout. Next Friday night DJ Noizu (USA) will be here.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.