Orlando Goes BIG!

After months of closed bars and clubs, most of Florida’s venues reopened last weekend. But Orlando doesn’t just do things the normal way with a gradual reopening; Orlando opens BIG! Orlando’s club and event Producers have not wasted any time in bringing top DJ talent to town. That’s how we ended up with the amazing DJ Green Velvet (USA) last weekend at Gilt while this coming weekend at Gilt they’re bringing in DJ Croatia Squad (CH). With limited seating, you’re urged to get tickets ahead of time here: Croatia Squad
Then next weekend on a Sunday afternoon and evening, an outdoor DJ concert on the lawn at Ace Cafe! This one features former Pacha NYC resident DJ Boris (RUS / USA) and Miami House specialist Leyva (USA). The local supporting lineup is spectacular as well as you can see on the flyer. Tier 1 priced tickets here: Outdoor Distanced
We have to give credit to Ace Cafe for taking on outdoor DJ concerts when others couldn’t, and to the organizers of the Tail Break Rave in August that led the way in Orlando for social-distanced concerts and proved that they could be done successfully.