Concert Report: DJ Green Velvet (Gilt Nightclub)

It was just the very first weekend that bars and clubs could open again in most of Florida and without a moment to pace oneself, already a blockbuster booking at Gilt Nightclub!
With indoor capacity limited to 50%, was wondering how they were going to do it. The dance floor was generally limited to those that could afford ultra-expensive sofas with bottle service.
Surrounding the sofas were more-affordable high top tables that seated four guests and then along the club’s bars were bar stools. No matter what your choice, it paid to arrive early because sofas, high tops and bar stools were not assigned. You could pick the very best available in your category when you got there! You couldn’t just stand around and block views since you had to either remain seated or stand/dance adjacent your seat.
DJ duo Lord Rash (USA) was playing House music when we arrived.
First time seeing them play and they made for a good start as people filed in.
They never did post who this was up next but it looked like DJ duo Too Heavy Crew (USA). If we learn differently, we’ll update this entry.
They played the 11:30PM – 12:30AM time slot as the club filled in.
And then at the appointed time, there he was!
Curtis Jones…..
Much better known as DJ Green Velvet (USA)!!
The front VIP areas kind of merged together to form a large dance crowd by the booth!
And he had everyone bouncing!
50% packed to the rafters!
Spotted at the bar: Sam & friends representing Tampa and Clearwater.
Spotted at the bar: Debbie & Stacey
Spotted by the booth: Amelia & Storm
Having fun in VIP!
Wearing his trademark green mohawk, playing his collaboration with Claude vonStroke, “Jolean”.
A fellow graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!! Go ILLINI!
Everyone was beyond excited to be out again.
Green Velvet’s set was a mixture of House, Tech House and Dirtybird House.
Over the years we’ve got to see Green Velvet play at EDC-Orlando a couple times as well as at clubs in Chicago and Tampa.
After initially ending at 2:30AM and amid chants of “One More Song” by the crowd, he delivered an encore version of his old hit “La La Land”.
The new normal at Gilt was quite pleasant and much better than what we experienced downtown on Friday night. Big thanks to Russ from HTG for the professional courtesies. A good time was had by all.