Club Reports: Celine, Treehouse, Attic Nightclub, Aero Bar, Elixir Bar

First weekend in most of Florida where bars and clubs could reopen and we began the night at Celine where DJ ACraze (USA) was playing on the main stage. Never did make it inside though because the line to get in rarely moved forward as they kept letting groups with table reservations inside ahead of us! (We recall Acraze from EDC-Orlando in 2018 here.)
But here’s the situation all over downtown. There’s no dance floors per se as they’ve all been filled with tables and chairs and you have to have a table and remain there except to use the WC. So once in any club door, you’re escorted to an available table and this can cause huge delays. At Celine we gave up after waiting in line for 45-minutes.
So we went to Treehouse instead as they had reopened too!
First you climb the stairs and go up into the tree.
No DJ here, just prerecorded music which last night was EDM coming in from adjacent Attic Nightclub.
Their selfie area was open for business.
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink or shot and then chilling picnic-style on the grass floor!
Always a great vibe in here; everyone is happy!
The adjoining Attic Nightclub has reopened too with only a 5-minute wait to get in.
No DJ in the booth last night; just a prerecorded EDM track.
Groups were escorted to the various available booths for table service although you could get a drink at the bar as I did.
The Beacham-owned bars (except The Patio) were open last night but this was another place where getting in was a chore. It took more than a half hour to get in to Aero Bar.
From the roof, you could see the lines into The Social (left) and Aero (right) and they were excruciatingly slow-moving.
Just as it should be though, DJ Cliff T (USA) back in the booth again!
Like everywhere it seems, the dance floor was filled with tables and chairs and no one dancing!
The music a mix of Chill House and EDM which would normally have the dance floor packed.
But as I had heard a bouncer at Celine tell someone in line earlier in the evening, this may be the new normal.
Somehow lately we’ve always ended up at Elixir Bar.
Friday night resident DJ K1K0 (USA) was in the booth.
While the law limits indoor capacity to 50%, outdoors allows 100% but there has to be a table for you. Elixir looked to be full outside.
The DJ had the people bouncing!
The music mostly House mixed in with small amounts of Latin hits.
Downtown is back! Arrive early, be patient, follow the rules. A good time was had by all.