Club Report: Oasis On The River (Sanford)

The new sign is on order so for the moment this edited Chases On The River sign will have to suffice for the new Oasis On The River. And at least one Saturday night per month, it’s become Orlando’s new home for Breaks!
Arrived just in time to see the last few minutes of a great set from DJ Supagroover (USA).
There was already a good crowd on hand in this outdoor venue and a few were already dancing!
Don’t think I’ve seen Supagroover play since his old NLP days at Suite B Lounge / Peek Downtown in Orlando!
Another Orlando institution, DJ Beni Hill (USA) up next on this quick-paced evening!
If you’re not dancing, this outdoor patio has dozens of chairs to relax on!
Had not seen Beni Hill play since a couple years ago at Bikkuri Lounge. It was great to see so many familiar faces!
Spotted in VIP.
Last night’s show was apparently sponsored by Vans.
At 11PM, the headliner came on: DJ Mark Sanchez (USA)
He got the dance floor jamming!
His set included so many familiar Classic Dance tunes!
A veteran of the Orlando and Daytona dance scenes, we know him best for his amazing New Years Eve shows at EPCOT: Italy. Link to NYE at EPCOT article here.
Working off CD’s as Mark always does!!
Fine looking crowd in the club!
DJ Supagroover’s entourage!
DJ Evolv3 (USA) with friends.
DJ Phin (USA) & DJ Solstice (USA)
DJ Darkside (USA)
DJ Sandra Cruz (USA) & DJ Berto (USA)
DJ Spark-D (USA) with Tracy
DJ Celestial (USA)
DJ Evolv3 (USA) & DJ Richie Rich (USA)
This is our second time covering events at Oasis on the River. There is a huge outdoor bar and…..
…..and a huge outdoor pool!
DJ Phin (USA) getting ready to take over the controls after midnight.
Apologies to both Spark-D and Phin for being unable to stick around for your sets since I had an early flight to catch Sunday morning.
What a great night of music and a good time was had by all.