Club Report: Elixir Is Back!

Closed for more than a month because several employees had come down with covid-19, Elixir Bar reopened this weekend to deliver Orlando’s only downtown club experience!
Saturday night resident DJ Chino (USA) back at the helm pumping out mostly House music!
Elixir has this awesome outdoor patio where you can experience a cool breeze on a summer night!
Not that many patrons here when I arrived around 11PM but I was assured to wait to see what happens around 11:30PM.
A lot of old Classic House in Chino’s set last night!
Mostly vocal House too!
Passersby on the sidewalk couldn’t help but notice and by 11:30PM people were indeed streaming into Elixir.
When you’re on the outdoor patio, you’re literally “dancing with the stars”!
Miami-based Joelz Sax (USA) joined-in on some of the selections!
And added a great-fitting Jazz vibe to the night.
Outdoor bar was staying pretty busy at this point!
People were dancing all over the place.
House music all night long!
If you’re looking for Friday and Saturday night fun, Elixir is again the place to be! A good time was had by all.