Club Report: Oasis On The River (Sanford)

Two nights in a row in Sanford, what are the odds! Saturday night at Chases Oases Oasis on the River located along the St. Johns River.
Arrived to find DJ Gamma (USA) delivering the Breaks as DJ Solstice (USA) captures the action!
The dance floor was seeing some early activity.
Near the booth there is a large outside bar.
While there is another large bar inside too.
And there’s even a pool!
And ample patio furniture.
Across the river, a beautiful view of the Florida Power & Light power plant.
Resident DJ Amygurl (USA) up next and continuing fast-paced Breaks and Bass.
Dance floor stayed active.
And it was starting to get a little crowded!
First time ever seeing DJ Darkside (USA) playing!
His set had everyone bouncing!
DJ Cliff Davis (USA) taking over next, spotted here with MC Spark-D. First time seeing Cliff Davis since 2015 at Peek Downtown as seen here.
Spotted beside the booth: DJ Kevin Timebomb (USA) with Michelle.
Spotted on the dance floor: Michelle with Elaina.
Spotted texting: Brian
Spotted on the dance floor: Joe
Spotted doing the light show: Amanda
Captured at high speed: Chris T.
Spotted in VIP: Tracy & Amanda
Spotted upon arrival: DJ Afrodisiax (USA) with promoter Pete Manos of P.M. Entertainment.
Afrodisiax would then take over. There would be more to come but with an hour drive home, I left at this point.
A good time was had by all.