Club Report: Manikins Lounge (Sanford)

With downtown Orlando completely dead, I decided to take the lengthy drive to downtown Sanford where there actually is some nightlife. Destination: Manikins Lounge
This ain’t the Mannequins that you and I remember from Pleasure Island.
DJ Rob Bates (USA) was delivering the music which was 80’s New Wave, Dark Wave and Goth. (No DJ photos last night so we’re using this file photo.)
Good size crowd in the room and there’s also an outdoor patio in back. Ran into a lot of Independent Bar Saturday night people here last night!
There are very realistic mannequins spread throughout the club. Since many of them are standing against the side wall where patrons are also standing, you really have to look closely to see if what you’re looking at is a real person or a mannequin!
Heck, I was hitting on this person sitting at the bar for nearly 10 minutes before I realized she wasn’t real!
Some of the staff. Not the Mannequins we remember but definitely a cool place and a good time was had by all.