Tail Break Rave Coming To Orlando!

Since the Covid-19 surge in Florida and particularly Orlando, clubs and bars have been closed and there have been close to zero DJ events. However, on Saturday August 22, an event called “Tail Break Rave” is going to be held outdoors at Ace Cafe. Not only offering an outlet for pent-up demand for entertainment, it could give other promoters a way forward to jump-start their activities too. You can see the amazing talented lineup that includes DJ Magic Mike (USA), Huda Hudia (USA), Jimmy Joslin (USA) and many more!  How are they going to do it?
This will be an outdoor drive-in theater-style concert. In this photo we see cars as typically parked facing towards or away from the Ace Cafe building. During this event, everyone arriving in a motor vehicle (most people) will park facing towards the camera. Running from 1PM to midnight, earliest arrivals will be up front.
A large stage for the DJ’s will be standing in this grassy area on the south side of the complex. There will be powerful speakers and amazing lighting. Face coverings will be required and you will need to remain in or near your vehicle except when going to the bars, restaurant or bathrooms inside Ace Cafe.  If you choose to arrive without a vehicle, you will be able to hang out in this grassy hour in front of the stage. Social distancing and masks will be strictly enforced by Security. This is is exciting! Advance tickets here and OEN will keep you updated.