Club Reports: Iron Cow, Vinyl Cafe

I know there are fairness issues allowing restaurants with bars to remain open while bars and clubs themselves have been shuttered but I don’t make the laws. Saturday night in the city and checking out two restaurants that were open beginning with Iron Cow.
DJ Julian (USA) in the booth when I arrived playing Chill House.
On Friday & Saturday nights they charge $20 to get in but that includes an open bar and a hot sandwich. Small crowd on hand last night.
A few fluffy clouds were building above the bar.
DJ Iana (MD/USA) taking over late.
House music all night long! Good stuff.
For the longest time it was Vinyl Arts Bar or Vinyl Rum & Tapas Bar.
Last Fall it became MamaJuana Latin Bistro.
And now it’s Vinyl Cafe!
DJ & Owner Wilson Santos (USA) was playing Chill House from the new booth located aft in the building.
It’s still mainly a Latin restaurant with the former dance floor home to a new pool table.
A good time was had by all.